1. PeteM

    Rocking Chairs

    Well, my attempt at learning how to build rocking chairs is progressing slowly but steadily. The small one is cherry and will be a present for my granddaughter. The larger one is made from SPY 2x6's from the BORG. It fits me pretty well so it will be my "shop rocker" for a while. I think the...
  2. WoodWrangler

    Maloof-style Rocking Chair DVD & Plans

    Though I'd rather take a class one-on-one with John Richards again ... this is a much less expensive alternative for those interested.
  3. J

    Franklin Rocking Chair Prototype

    Nearly finished, but I have some questions for you folks because this is being made out of SPF. The joinery is mortise & tenon with the following specs: Tenons are 1 1/4" width x 3/8" thick x 1" length. The stock is 2" x 1 1/2". I plan to pin most of the tenons with 1 1/4" x 8 screws after...
  4. John Reeves

    Upholstered rocking chair

    I am refurbishing a circa 1920 rocking chair made by Biggs or Briggs in Richmond. I have dissembled all of the joints, made the internal prices and kept the Cuban Mahogany. The seat is made with coil springs. I have tied the bottom and secured them in place. Should I also tie the tops? )They...
  5. steviegwood

    Rocking Horse Plans Needed

    Hi Everyone, I was asked to make a rocking horse for a ladies grandchild. I have never had the need for any plans for one of these so that is a pattern that I do not have. Does anyone have a set of plans that they have made that you may be will to share or do you know who sells the best plans...
  6. bluewing92

    Another Rocking Horse

    I wasn’t going to post this after seeing that carved pony last month. But decided since it was a diferent category, I would not be to embarrassed. So here is the rocking horse for my grandson. Made from water oak (local sawyer called it that and the price was right) The inlay and eyes are walnut...
  7. Alex Franke

    A maple and cherry rocking horse

    (Is this the appropriate place to post finished projects?) I've built this rocking horse a few times now and I still haven't gotten tired of it -- plus the kids that have them still love them! It's from a design in a book called The Family Handyman: Toys, Games, and Furniture (book details...
  8. Phil S

    Pony-size rocking horse

    I finally finished the rocking horse I started when my granddaughter was born two years ago. She will have to be lifted up for awhile but she still seems to like it - as seen in the last photo. I made the horse out of 12/4 poplar, rough it out with a chain saw and finished with chisels and a...
  9. WoodWrangler

    Rocking Horse Update

    Took half the day off today and with the beautiful weather decided to finish up the rocking horses. A base of Shellac and three top coats of the Target Coatings USL water-bases spray lacquer.
  10. Look inside our world

    Look inside our world

    Invitation to explore the world of woodworking.
  11. johnpipe108

    First rocking horse, seventeenth-century style

    I've finally completed my first rocking horse, for grandson Nathan, based on plans for a seventeenth-century slab-sided style: The plans called for 3/8" ply, but I'd have to splice together the 3/8" 24" x 30" piece of baltic-birch I bought from Woodcraft, to get 36" of length for the...
  12. johnpipe108

    Thin-panel joinery for rocking horse?

    I have decided to make a toddler's rocking horse, from the plans in Anthony Dew's "The Rocking-Horse Maker." The rockers are 35-1/2 inch, tip to tip, and the rocker seat is about 12 inches off the floor. The material called for is 3/8-inch birch ply, and I was able to get 30 x 24 inch...
  13. T

    Finished Rocking Horse

    I finally finished the rocking horse for my daughter. :eusa_danc It is hard maple, walnut, and cherry, finished with a coat of sealcoat and several coats of lacquer. The plans are from Family Tradition. I made so many mistakes on this project that i lost track of them, from blowouts while...
  14. Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse

    Finished rocking horse. Hard maple, walnut, and cherry. Family Tradition rocking horse plan.
  15. Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse

    Rocking horse on Christmas day, not quite finished
  16. mburke911

    rocking horse stirrups

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can get a set of child sized stirrups for a rocking horse. I refinished one for my son for Christamas but low and behold I totatally forgot about the stirrups. I have been looking on line but not having much success (unless I want to have them shipped from...
  17. glider


    Made for my granddaughter.
  18. mburke911

    Christmas Rocking Horse for my son

    Hi, I finally finished this rocking horse for my 3 1/2 year old son for Christmas. I did have it ready by Christmas morning. I picked this up used about 6 months ago and have been working to refinish it ever since. I can say that if I had it to do over I would have just made it from scratch...
  19. Rocking Horse - In Progress

    Rocking Horse - In Progress

    A progress picture of the rocking horse
  20. R

    [Problem-Gallery] Rocking chair

    Status: Entered Assigned To:: Unassigned ===================================== I tried to edit the photo of my rocking chair to name it: Rain Forest Rocker. I also added a description. But the whole thing has now disappeared. Can you help?

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