jointer or planer

  1. shaf2376

    Zinken Jointer/Planer

    Does anybody out there know anything about Zinken Jointer/Planers? Is ther an outlet for parts that anyone knows of and so forth.
  2. TN Woodie

    Gloat? Ridgid Jointer/Planer

    I found this puppy on Craigslist yesterday. For the price of the Shelix cutter head, I got that, the jointer, the Shopfox mobile base, and the original cutter head. I think, not bad.
  3. WoodWrangler

    Wings for Combo Jointer/Planer Machines?

    Since my new house will put me back into a two-car garage, I am considering moving to a combo jointer/planer machine to save some space. A 16" model would be preferred, but a 12" might be all that fits into the budget. I know a few of you guys have them and I've heard good things, but (at...
  4. mquan01

    Ridgid jointer/planer

    Charlotte BORG -Albemarle & Harris 6" Planer/jointer, normally $429, one on sale for $257 View image in gallery
  5. JeepMr

    Jet Jointer/Planer

    Thanks to everyone who help'd me make a decision on a planer. Now I'm looking at a Jet 6" Jointer/Planer used for $275. Is it a good deal? any thoughts?
  6. Skymaster

    Grizzly combo jointer/planer

    Just Wondering if anyone either has experience with these or owns one. Pros, cons opinions etc. I am lookin at em and wondering. I am fast finding out now that I am using a bunch of ruff sawn from the mill my 6" Jet is starting to become a tad small :}:} Jack
  7. E

    Looking for jointer/planer sharpening service in NOVA

    Looking for a good sharpening service in Richmond and or northern virginia. Woodcraft in Richmond want's $0.85/inch per planer/jointer blade, that's $38 for 3 15" blades, I can get a new freud blades for $42 + shipping. Woodcraft in Leesburg wants $1.20/inch for a set of 3, that's $18, not...
  8. WoodWrangler

    CL: Jet 8" Jointer/Planer (Charlotte) Jet JJP-8BT 8-Inch Bench Top Jointer/Planer - $250 (University Area/Charlotte) Date: 2009-08-14, 1:36PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Item has never been used. Has been sitting in box...
  9. GeorgeL

    10" Jointer/Planer Combo for $420?

    Has anyone see this: Not bad for a small shop/budget. They have an 8" model as well George
  10. scsmith42

    The 16" combo jointer/planer is operational!

    I've been slowly completing the installation of the equipment that the NCWoodworkers helped to uncrate and assemble last month. Last Monday the table saw was assembled and made operational, and I'm pleased with the results. Today I worked on the G0660X 16" Grizzly combination...
  11. Gone2dMtns

    Wow! Griz 10" Jointer/Planer

    I just received the new '09 Griz catalog and noticed a 10" jointer/planer combo for only $1,195. This sounds too good to be true. FWW just did a review on the 12" model; For a little more than the price of an 8"...
  12. froglips

    Jointer/Planer mystery solved....

    After years of wondering, I've found the "answer" to an annoying planer dilema I experienced at a woodshop class at Durham Tech. I hope this tale can save someone a bit of the grief I went through. I ran some rough stock over the jointer, just happy as a clam. I jointed it on both...
  13. Will Goodwin

    Planer vs Jointer/Planer combo

    Are there reasons I should or shouldn't buy a jointer/planer combo over the two machines separately. Any suggestions for starter machines? I am just trying to figure out if I buy my wood from a sawyer how am I going to get it planed to thickness and then in a position to glue up for a table...
  14. T

    JET JJP-12 Jointer/Planer Combination Review

    I just completed my review of the new JET jointer/planer and posted it at the link below. As usualy, photos and a video included.

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