1. SteveHall

    Hide glue series at FW

    FineWoodworking just posted a 4-part article and video series on protein (bone, hide) glue, by Patrick Edwards, the creator of Old Brown Glue: Interesting initial thoughts about the relevance of strength versus the...
  2. N

    Veneer glue for humidor?

    Hey, everybody. I am making a small, desktop humidor. The sides are made of spanish cedar and the top MDF. I am adding rosewood veneer on the outside. I was looking at titebond for veneer, but in the product specs it says not appropriate for high humidity. What glue should i use? Thanks, Jeff


  4. S

    Fixing Loose fitting tenons - when to glue or when to add more wood

    Hello Everyone,Guys, I have a problem with some loose tennons. If the tennons are almost OK, that is, if they are too loose so that they slide out but don’t have much play or wiggle can they be glued or is there a glue that will help fill the small gap and make a good joint? OR… do I have to...
  5. William Roscoe

    Titebond Dark glue

    I bought some Titebond Dark glue yesterday to use on a segmented bowl with walnut. It looks like maple syrup. I figured it was Titebond so it would probably work OK. Anybody ever use this stuff?
  6. A

    Glue up, then stain etc. or visa versa?

    I am building a sideless end table from the designs in wood magazine. I am using cherry for the case and maple for the top. The question is, what is the proper procedure for finishing. I am using M&T joints. My concern is the corners. If I glue up first, I worry that I will get a blob of...
  7. wdkits1

    Custom Knife Blocks-Part 2-- glue ups

    One of the biggest challenges of making 25 of anything is being consistent with all of the measurements and finding ways to do glue-ups efficiently. The sides of the blocks all have to be the same size on the top dimension so when the fronts are attached everything matches up. I found out...
  8. Douglas Robinson

    Advice on getting old glue cleaned out

    I have a glue dispenser that I really like. Unfortunately it has some dried up glue in it and it is not easy to get to the dried up residue. I have been soaking it in hot water and that has broken up a lot of the dried gunk. (Titebond II). Does anyone have any tricks or solvents that I should...
  9. froglips

    Gravity glue.....

    In case you wondered, Titebond II globbed onto boards one is shoe horning into a patch in a ceiling is not immune from the laws of gravity and surface tension.... Also, based on past and present experience, my hair seems to attract falling goop...... Which leads to my real question, how...
  10. kooshball

    best glue to mix with sawdust to make filler??

    I am going to need to fill some knot holes and thin gaps in my dovetails soon but I need the glue that I mix with the sawdust to be able to take finish. What have you found to be the best glue for this application? THX
  11. F

    Preferred glue to assemble bed with lots of spindles?

    I'm going to need something with a long open time, as I've got a 98 glue joints to assemble at one time, unless I try to do this up in pieces. I've got a feeling that might be the way I head, but I'll need to make some assembly jigs to do that to keep everything square. This is for a...
  12. Mike Camp

    Kreg Pocket Screw Joints - To Glue or Not to Glue?

    I'm going to embark shortly on building some kitchen cabinets and I was wondering what most of you all do when it comes to Kreg pocket screw joints. Do you follow the "Kreg way" and not use glue at all or do you use glue?
  13. IMG00102-20110706-2143


    coopered seat 2
  14. IMG00101-20110706-2142


    coopered seat 1
  15. Larry Rose

    Old glue?

    This weekend I did a little (very little) house cleaning in the shop and threw away some partly used bottles of glue (Titebond II amd III) because they were at least a year old. Did I waste the glue or do the right thing. I've been burned by trying to use old finishes and was afraid to try this...
  16. J

    Hot Glue question

    I want to use hot glue to fasten templates to work pieces. I want to be able to easily remove the templates without ruining the work piece with glue residue. Is there any such glue stick? What is it and where can I get it. Thanks James
  17. PeteM

    All wood and glue . . . p
  18. 69CG9239


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