1. 69CG9199


  2. B

    Glue Squeeze-out

    I have had more than one project marred by getting glue in the grain and sealing it against the future stain. In the past I have employed the "Norm Abrams technique" of wiping sqeeze-out immediately with a very wet sponge. I would sure like to hear from you more experienced folks about how...
  3. Mark Gottesman

    Which Glue: Epoxy, titebond II or Marine Resorcinol

    I need to build up one end of a garden tool handle so I can fit it to a hoe. See for previous thread. The main beam is Oak. I want to add a 3/8" slab of wood to 3 sides. This will give me enough meat to taper fit the head. My question is...
  4. M

    Heat Bending - what glue to use

    I have a project where I will want to heat bend some inlay banding on a hot iron pipe. The banding tends to separate under heat when using regular yellow wood glue. Titebond-II seems to work better, but I still get some separation. Anyone have any experience heat-bending a glued-up laminate...
  5. J

    Super Glue ToThe Rescue

    It's that time of the year again. Those little painful cracks appear on the ends of your fingers. Clean then out with soap and water, let them dry, and put a drop of super glue on the crack. If the crack is open, have someone help you close it prior to super gluing. As a side note, I have found...
  6. R

    Gluing Birch Plywood

    Making a bookcase with 1 inch sides and shelves by gluing ½ inch birch ply together to make 1 inch. This will be done after rough cutting to size. 1 inch edges will have ½ round trim to finish. Case will be painted. Is there a problem gluing the cut sheets together? What glue will be best...
  7. Mark Stewart

    CA Glue FInish.

    Now I hewre a lot of the pen turners talk about a CA Finish. Can someone please explain this to me as to how its done. I just do not under stand. THanks MArk
  8. panel glue up using cauls

    panel glue up using cauls

  9. M

    Looking for Soft Silicone Glue

    Anyone know where to get some soft silicone glue. I'm looking for the stuff that many commercial enterprises use as an easily removable glue - like the stuff that you see holding a new credit card to the bank's paperwork. The stuff that is rubbery and just peels off and leaves no residue...
  10. Mike Davis

    Remove carpet glue from concrete?

    Our basement had carpet, had to take it out. Want to paint or epoxy the concrete floor but need to remove the old glue. How?
  11. Tarhead

    Hide Glue Baby Bottle Warmer

    I stumbled on this "Parent's Choice" Baby bottle Warmer in a Craigslist ad for $5. It works great and I got to meet the cutest set of twin little boy toddlers I think I've ever seen! That alone was worth a lot more than the bottle warmer. Anyway here's what I understood from Greg's Paolini's...
  12. Parent_s_Choice_Bottle_Warmer


  13. Bottle_Warmer_003


  14. Bottle_Warmer_002


  15. D

    "thinning" glue??

    I just purchased an Incra TS fence system and while I was researching it before buying, I watched a video showing the process of making joints with the system. In particular, I noticed the guy in the video using a brush that he dipped in water (I assume) and then dipping into the glue. I'd not...
  16. Phil S

    Bad glue or operator?

    Just wondering what went wrong - I was cleaning up and smoothing a glue up panel and the glue joints broke open. This is a three piece panel made from 5 inch wide cherry with jointed edges prior to glue up and glued with regular yellow glue that is maybe one year old - probably has been frozen...
  17. kooshball

    filling knots and cracks with sawdust and epoxy vs. sawdust and wood glue?

    I have to fill some knots and cracks within knots on my walnut bed but I would like some advise on the best way to do it. Can I go for sawdust with wood glue or am I better off using epoxy? Thanks,
  18. 02blues

    Hide Glue...?

    Any of you dudes using hide glue? I have the itch to try it.:slap: Any recs re glue types and or glue pots?
  19. christopheralan

    Finger nail polish dryer used on CA glue?

    Wife had some nail polish dryer spray and I started wondering if it might work on CA glue. She said for a large arosol it was only $3-4. Anyone tried?
  20. pslamp32

    Glue question ...

    I've started using pre-finished ply for some case work but have encountered one issue. What kind of glue will adhere to pre-finished boards at butt joints? The joints are pretty solid as is because of the Dominoes but looking for a bit more strength. Thanks!

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