1. Mark Gottesman

    Need advice on using CA glue and Veneer on a Banjo

    Well, I am doing something very new to me. I have a banjo neck where I have pulled the frets. I want to glue cherry veneer into the slots using CA glue. I have little experience with this stuff outside of some Crazy Glue repairs. I have a bottle of Medium viscosity CA from Woodworkers and...
  2. decibel

    Almost started fire with CA glue

    Hopefully you guys know this or can at least explain to me why. Anyway I was glueing the tubes in some pen blanks the other day and just happened to have an old cotton rag on on my assembly table and quite a few drops landed on the rag. I'd say within 10 seconds the rag was smoldering white...
  3. Mr. Lahey

    Is there a way to make glue adhere to wood with closed pores? (Guitar repair question

    I have a guitar I have had for about 12 years that has just been sitting in the attic. About 10 years ago, the top part of the neck on the back started to separate. Not knowing what I was doing, I tried pushing some epoxy into the crack and clamping it to repair it. My repair job didn't work...
  4. christopheralan

    Will CA glue bond brass casings to spray varnished wood?

    I am putting the finishing touches on a 1911 display case and the customer wants 45cal's attached to the plaque. Hot melt glue didn't hold, as expected, so I tried Gorilla Brand CA glue. So far so good, but will this hold? Thanks!
  5. M

    Need a wood glue with long setting time

    I will be making some walnut chairs, and need a wood glue (not epoxy) with a long-set time. Just wanted to get some opinions.
  6. S

    How to glue wood @90 angles

    I'm making a sofa table and for the bottom part it will have a shelf about 8" from the floor. I would like to glue up some wood so the patterns are perpendicular to themselves like a "W" pattern. Does anyone have any experience at this?
  7. F

    Glue REPAIR HELP - breadboard with inlay strip

    I built a kitchen table (purple heart top w/ breadboard & a hard maple base) in 2005. The table although wearing well has two issues I'd appreciate suggestions to resolve. 1. When I built the table, I routered a small channel along the inner edge of the breadboard and rolled/glued in an inlay...
  8. davejones

    Which glue for kitchen laminate?

    I need to tack down a corner of our kitchen counter laminate that got snagged on someone's clothes. Do I need a special glue for this, contact cement, or just plain old yellow glue? It is just a ~ 6 inch piece of the front edge that is loose. Thanks, Dave
  9. Matt Schnurbusch

    French Glue Bottle

    I think I have found the greatest glue bottle ever invented. For years I have used a Titebond bottle with the pull-up cap. It works OK, but how many times have you been gluing something up and looked over at your glue bottle to see glue streaming down the cap, and side making a gigantic...
  10. CrealBilly

    edge glue ups

    I'm getting better results strength-wise edge gluing boards together to make up wide panels with my tablesaw than I do with my jointer. I know strange... but is true never the less... Seems the minor sawmarks left by the table saw actually help the glue to bond to something - I'm a big elmers...
  11. C

    Where to Find Plastic Resin Glue?

    I can order it. Do any hardware chains or home building supplies stores carry this? :eusa_thin I'm in the great city of Rocky Mount so retail options are limited. Chuck
  12. froglips

    Book: Hide Glue, Historical & Practical Applications, Stephen A. Shepherd

    Well, I've been dying to write this review! I did want to do the honorable thing by finishing the book first, but it was hard to keep off the keyboard. This book gets my newly created and highly coveted "Must Have" recommendation. This book covers the history and use of Hide Glue (both...
  13. rick7938

    Getting Glue Off The Besseys

    Anyone have advice on getting glue residue off the bar of my Bessey K-bodies? I have been putting paste wax on them, but I guess it wore off. Now I have glue building up on the bars. It just pops off the wax, but not off the chrome. Thanks for any feedback.
  14. CarvedTones

    "Aegis" shield - glue up and finish questions

    I mentioned in another thread I had this sort of project comein. My kids are big into Percy Jackson and the Olympians (book series; book 1 hits the big screen this fall). To my wife's chagrin, wooden swords have been forged and my youngest daughter really wanted "Aegis" - a special shield that...
  15. Changing table WIP

    Changing table WIP

    Gluing sides on changing table.
  16. Changing table WIP

    Changing table WIP

    Gluing back on changing table
  17. Changing table WIP

    Changing table WIP

    Changing table work in progress, boards ripped to width
  18. PChristy

    Best glue for pen tubes

    Got my pen started kit the other day and it had a 15min two part epoxy with it to glue the tubes in - it is a mess to work with and it seemed like it took forever to dry enough to turn a pen (pixs later) what is the best glue to work with that will give you time to set the tube and not take...
  19. Bear

    CA glue

    I would appreciate some help from someone with a better memory than I have. I recall reading and seeing a link from someone about a very good and reasonable source for CA glue. I looked at the site and was sure that I had bookmarked it but cannot find it now and have been unsuccessful with...
  20. farmerbw

    What Glue?

    I picked up this card holder back in January cause I thought it was cool and figured I'd never make one for myself. Unfortunately I managed to break the lid along one of the glue lines a couple of weeks or so ago. I figured no big deal just glue it back together. So I sanded the joint line...

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