1. C

    FOR SALE 1 Qt Waterlox TRUETONE Color Infused Tung Oil (Natural) - $75

    BRANDY NEW NEVER OPENED!! Original price $110.65 I purchased for a commissioned bar top I was working on, but decided on a different sealer instead. I'm in North Raleigh, prefer local delivery/hand off, thank you! Waterlox TRUETONE® Formula Our TRUETONE® formula enhances the color and grain of...
  2. W

    Black flecks under hardwax oil finish?

    I Have a table that is supposed to ship out this week. It was finished five weeks ago and has been wrapped in a blanket. When I took the blanket off to do a final rub down and inspection, I started noticing grey - black flecks. The top is veneered white oak that is bleached. It has Saicos...
  3. W

    Finishing a Maple and Walnut End Grain Chessboard

    So I have been working on a chessboard and need some advise for finishing. I have convinced myself to rub out my finish to a nice semi gloss. However, I need a path to get there. I have considered lacquer, but I am not experienced enough to speak to how I should prep the end grain prior to...
  4. AAAndrew

    Soap finish on hornbeam (Ironwood)

    Haven't been around much in the last few years, but I remembered y'all when I had a question. The only woodworking I've been able to do for a few years now is make some canes and walking sticks. About the most basic woodworking you can get. But right now I'm been working on a doozy of a cane...
  5. S

    Bed finish suggestions

    I am going to make a bed out of black walnut and another wood that I haven't determined yet. Something that is contrasting, but not wildly contrasting. Maybe a white oak, cypress or maple. I am open to opinions on this. I've never worked with much for hardwoods before and I am wondering your...
  6. S

    Rustic Coasters - Part 2 Finally finished the coasters. Thanks everyone for valuable suggestions on this forum. Forum thread for part 1 of the rustic coasters is available HERE.
  7. Karri Burl

    Karri Burl

    ready to finish turn
  8. walnutjerry

    Gunstock Finish

    Who has the expertise on gun stock finishes? My grandson wants to refinish the stock and forarm for a shotgun made in 1946. What do you think was the original finish? My guess would be lacquer but I reall do not know. Any help/advise is appreciated. Jerry
  9. R

    How do you get a factory finish with oil base paint

    I am getting ready to spray the outside of some cabinets I've made and I started with a Zinnser primer. I have an Earlex 5500 and an oil base white paint. When using latex, I've added floetrol, thinned and also added a minwax polycrylic to the paint with good success. How can I get that same...
  10. Prototype panel during finishing

    Prototype panel during finishing

    Applied GF Neutral/Condition then antique cherry. Followed with their sanding sealer and a light coat of Glaze effects burnt umber to get this look. I am trying to match the blind samples below. I'm good on the color but I think I subdued the grain more than I wanted too... I'm thinking of...
  11. Bugle

    Food safe finish for hot foods?

    Anyone know if any of the "food safe" finishes are suitable for bowls that will hold hot foods (i.e., beans, corn, etc.)?
  12. W

    Finish for Ash table

    Have just finished an end table made out of ash. I am new to the finishing part of woodworking so I need help. What would you all out there recommend for a finish? Am open:confused: to any and all suggestions. thanks to all.
  13. T

    first pen I did start to finish myself

    Here is the first pen I did start to finish drilling the blanks gluing the tube trimming the end turning finishing and pressing the parts before I had only done the turning the finishing at the woodworking show This is a slimline done with Zebrawood but this blank did not have many stripes
  14. F

    How to finish an "odd" table top

    I'm eventually going to start a fun coffee table project which uses old yardsticks as the table top. These yardsticks are mostly vintage; some have a finish on them already (who knows what...) while others were left natural. How would you recommend finishing something like this? I was...
  15. F

    Gloss white finish: lacquer or paint?

    I've got a piece I'm working on that the client wants in gloss white when finished. I'm building it frame and panel style out of birch and poplar. I'll be spraying the finish. Should I go with a white pre-cat lacquer, or oil-base paint? And does any sort of sanding sealer help in this...
  16. Bugle

    Wax and Mineral oil finish

    I was watching a woodturning video on youtube and the guy was using a mixture of paste wax and mineral oil as a finish. Anyone every use this method? How well does it work? Never heard of it before. Thanks.
  17. W

    Semi gloss finish question

    I am putting the finishing touches on a dining table for a friend. She wants a semi gloss finish. I have used a 3-2-1 mixture of mineral spirits, semi gloss polyeurathane and boiled linseed oil. I am not getting the gloss I was expecting. I have applied 3 coats so far. Is there something that...
  18. W

    Newbe question.. red oak finish

    I'm rebuilding an outdoor chair and table for a friend. They are metal sides with slats for the chair seat / back and table top. The original wood is just worn out. So... I have some red oak from the L store that I am going to use for the slats. Slats measure 2.75 x 21.5". They normaly keep it...
  19. T

    Finish Advice, Again!

    Okay, a couple of weeks ago I ask for advice on repairing a mistake I made when I rubbed through a lacquer finish on the edge of a project. It turned out that I was able to apply 3 more coats of lacquer and (carefully this time) rub out the piece again. The final finish ended up mirror slick...
  20. C

    Cutting Board Finish - Updated with Pictures

    I am working on my first cutting boards for Christmas presents. I have completed three. I put about 4 - 5 coats of mineral oil on each side, about 2 coats per day. Then I put on two coats of 1:6 beeswax/mineral oil. I hand rubbed them in for about 3 - 4 minutes per board per coat. I allowed...

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