1. Flute Maker

    Dust Masks or Respiratorrs Precautions

    When turning , well the sanding part I generally use the dust masks with the replaceable cannisters like you can get at Lowes....What do you guys use ? I know there are more expensive ones but I can't afford the high dollar ones....
  2. christopheralan

    Craftsman 1 HP dust collector - $75 (hubert)

    Not mine, but if I had the cash it would be... http://onslow.craigslist.org/tls/1846699182.html
  3. kooshball

    Anyone enlarge their inlet port to 6" on HF, 2HP dust collector?

    The 2HP HF DC system has a factory 5" inlet port on the housing with a rectangle outlet reduced down to a 5" hose. It would be easy to make a new inlet port with some MDF and a 6" flange as well as convert the outlet to 6" but would I gain anything? is there a ratio of inlet size to impeller...
  4. MrAudio815

    Where do you get 5" dust collection hose?

    Hey everyone, Just trying to find the best/cheapest place to get 5" dust collection hose? I have found 5" X 10 for $27.65 and that's including shipping: http://www.amazon.com/Woodstock-W1033-5-Inch-10-Foot-Hose/dp/B0000DD1I0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1279231471&sr=8-2 But...
  5. MrAudio815

    Can Two Dust Collectors be in the same line?

    Hey Everyone, After getting my shop put more together and running DC pipes across the ceiling and down to my BS I have lost a lot of CFM (I think that is what I lost, besides my marbles). I was thinking of upgrading to a larger HP, but don't have the money, now that I bought the Jet 16/42...
  6. S

    A dust collection question

    For those of you using a dust collector such as HF, Grizzly, etc --I have made a garbage can pre-separator or cyclone (AKA Thein design) and I wonder what purpose the HF lower clear plastic bag now serves? Any reason I can't dispose of this, block off the bottom and set the separator in it's...
  7. NCTurner

    Dust Collector

    Dust Collecting system - $65 (Lake Gaston) Date: 2010-07-04, 10:08PM EDT Reply to: sale-7qprd-1825849028@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Cummings saw dust collector works great . Call ( 252 ) 257 - 5912 or ( 252 ) 204 - 5591 Thanks Larry Location: Lake Gaston it's NOT ok to...
  8. kooshball

    I wonder what kind of motor I actually have on my HF 2hp dust collector???

    Ok, so the internet and the manual for the 2HP HF dust collector say that my motor is 20a but the machine label says that it is 14a, then I look at the cord and see that it is 16AWG which according to this link is good only for 10a: http://www.epanorama.net/documents/wiring/wire_resistance.html...
  9. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Complete JDS Cyclone-II 2HP Cyclone Dust Collector with modified bin-full windows (overview)
  10. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Close-up of interior of bin-full windows. Note use of rivets and silicone to seal lexan windows to waste bin.
  11. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Interior view of modified waste bin. Also note use of aluminum HVAC tape (with through rivets to provide necessary electrical bond to each stip) used to dissipate/ground unwanted static buildup.
  12. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Close-up of exterior of modified waste bin. I installed two pairs of these windows at ~70% full and ~90% Full. By installing a pair of windows at each level you can use a flashlight to visually detect levels well below either window.
  13. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    General overview of bin-full window modification. Notice the two pairs of windows, providing not only obvious indication at ~70% and ~90% Full, but also allowing the use of a flashlight to view bin status at much lower limits as well.
  14. kooshball

    6" Dust Ports??

    Was anyone running 6" duct able to find a good source for 6" dust ports or did you have to fabricate your own?
  15. kooshball

    Dust collection hose and where to find it cheap?

    Just jumped on a 2hp HF dust collector for $179 - 20% discount (how could I NOT buy it?) and I now need some 4" id hose to hook it to my tools. I assume that some of the more expensive hoses have a smoother inside and are made of a heavier plastic but is there a good on-line or local...
  16. J

    Peachtree Drill Press Dust Collector

    I got an email from Peachtree about this if anyone is interested. http://www.ptreeusa.com/edirect_062510.htm
  17. S

    Dust collector

    I'm thinking of getting a dust collector. I work in a 3 car garage but only use half of it to work in. I was thinking a just a 1hp and using gates to cut off whats not in use. Think 1 hp is good? I found a deal on one for $100 but at the same time harbor freight has coupons for a 2hp for $140...
  18. router table dust collection shroud (#2)

    router table dust collection shroud (#2)

  19. zapdafish

    buttoning up a unisaw for dust collection question

    I am trying to cover up all the holes on my unisaw to improve dust collection. While looking for holes and whatnot, I noticed that the top is not solid so that where it is attached to the cabinet, there is alot of space for air to come through. as in pic below. Whats the best way to seal up...
  20. Rob

    Improved dust collection

    Several weeks ago I came across a small 1 HP dust collector. Since I already had one, connected to a few of my tools, I dedicated this to my lathe. It came with a 30 gal cardboard dust bin. It had no separator so just dumped inside as well as passing through the bag, and cleaning up after 3...

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