1. cherry from Greensboro auction 11/05/09

    cherry from Greensboro auction 11/05/09

    cherry from Greensboro auction 11/05/09
  2. cpw

    Auction spoils

    Spent half the day at an estate auction - my first one. Had to let a lot of cool tools go to someone else, but I think I did OK. Three Bessey K-Bodies (2 - 12", 1 - 40"), a Fein MSx 636-1 Sander (missing some accessories, but purrs like new),and a Rabone Mortise Gauge; all for $87.50. There...
  3. Rabone Mortise Gauge

    Rabone Mortise Gauge

    Rabone Mortise Gauge & Dovetail Gauge.
  4. Fein MSx 636-1

    Fein MSx 636-1

    Fein MSx 636-1
  5. Auction Spoils

    Auction Spoils

    2 -12" & 1 - 40" K-Body Clamps, Fein MSx 636-1 Sander, Rabone Mortise Gauge, and a Dovetail Gauge
  6. BrianGeib

    Question: IRS Auction Pickup Details

    I won a Lot in the IRS auction in Arrington, VA. There are two items in the pickup details that are concerning me. First is the Certificate of Insurance. They mention this is applicable for "non-hand" loads. What does that mean? Also, is this COI absolutely necessary? Has anyone picked up a...
  7. striker

    Auction - Sneads Ferry

    Guys, If your within striking distance I'd think about this auction on Saturday. I'm tied up changing my address this weekend or I'd be there. Looks like a a ton of stuff I would not mind having. Stephen
  8. Douglas Robinson

    ShopSmith Auction offer

    Robb Parker made the following offer via PM: "I have the shopsmith in the for sale section. I'd like to donate that to North Carolina Woodworker for auction to get it out of my shop. If you'd like to put that together for possibly a North Carolina Woodworker hat and tshirt. Must be picked up...
  9. gfernandez

    Georgia Auction

    Came across this auction in Georgia today. Lots of goodies for the hobby woodworker, including a 10ft long rockler sign!
  10. BKind2Anmls

    Woodworking Tools Online Auction - Near Atlanta

    Lots of woodworking machines suitable for a shop. Just a little over a day left in the auction and still some pretty good prices. Near Atlanta.
  11. gator

    Granville County School System Auction Items

    Granville County School System is having an auction of surplus equipment Saturday morning the 12th. Auction Starts at 10:00AM. Among the items listed are these that may be of interest to woodworkers: 6" Delta Jointer Powermatic Model 160 16" Planer 18' x 6' triple axle trailer 16' x 6' triple...
  12. mshel

    Charity auction desk

    Here are some pics of the desk I made for an upcoming auction. As some of you may remember, I have made a piece for the last three years which gets auctioned off and the proceeds go to a fund for underpriviledge children here in Wilson. I chose this project due to it's utilitarian potential...
  13. froglips

    Auction: Cabinet Shop Grensboro

  14. tjgreen

    Online auction in Rocky Mount VA - closing soon

    Might be a bit too late since it closes in an hour, but check out the Blackwater auction - huge auction with lots of big iron and shop supplies. Some very attractive prices right now.
  15. froglips

    Auction: Burlington - Big Iron

    Monday July 6, 6pm. Check out the photos. Some big iron here. Looks like at least two old rockwell cabinet saws, jointer, bench vise, a really long lathe, some shop vacs, and more. Jim
  16. gator

    Auction in Oxford Saturday - Includes Tools

    There is an Estate Auction in Oxford this Saturday that includes tools. Half way down the list are the tools and when you click on 'All Pictures' tool pics start about half way down. George
  17. M

    Woodworking Auction Hendersonville, NC

    Oak Grove Woodworks, a custom woodworking facility in Hendersonville, NC has closed its doors and their equipment is up for auction (closing 6/19/09 at 2:00 PM). You can find the auction at this link -- most of the equipment runs on 3-phase power, but it includes from excellent machines. I do...
  18. Tarhead

    Barcalounger Auction, 6/18 Rocky Mount

    Got 3 Phase? Want a 16" Crescent Jointer or a 36" Moak, Oliver or Tannewitz Bandsaw? Hello Woodguy????
  19. froglips

    Auction in Burlington, a LOT of tools.....

    I found this auction for Saturday May 9th. Jerry L. Harris / Scott L. Harris Auctioneers Estate of the Late Alvest(Buddy)and Lealer Bowes Saturday May 9 - 9:00am Location: 1223 Grace Ave., Burlington...
  20. W


    Don't know if this is the right place or not but for those who might be interested here's web page for an auction 3-21. Lots of woodworking tools among other products. Might be some bargains might not. Mods if this is not proper place fell free...

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