1. froglips

    Stanley #55 Multi-plane at auction..

    Mebane Antique Auction Gallery - Auction Every Friday Night I saw this on the pictures page. It looks to be mostly complete. Auction is tonight, starts at 3pm, but no idea when the plane would come up. Jim
  2. walnutjerry

    Delta lathe ---IRS auction

    Someone was looking for a lathe--------this one has a low price right now. Located in Roanoke, Va. I think the bid is at 100.00--ends 2/12 I believe. Jerry
  3. Tarhead

    Tool Auction in Raleigh

    IRS Auctions Couple of nice 1 phase jointers, big 'ole 52" Tannewitz BS and a very nice Laguna BS if you have 3 phase, Heart pine beams, QSWO and a nice PC RAS and table.
  4. adowden

    Auction in Raleigh on Dec 12th lots of bandsaws

    Here is a listing for an auction in Raleigh on Dec. 12th. Delta Consolidated Description
  5. ashley_phil

    Small Tool Auction Gastonia 11-18-06

    Saw this in the paper and got excited I thought it was some industrial equipment. Not much wood related but I did see some old dirty hand planes and saws that could go cheap if you know what your buying, which I don't.
  6. froglips

    Public Auction: Liquidation of “I. Holt Lumber Co.”

    Oh boy oh boy. Oh boy oh boy. Oh my. Michael Rogers Auctioneers: November 4th, 2006 - Public Auction -Durham, NC Tons of pics on that site. Jim Liquidation of “I. Holt Lumber Co.” Mr. Isaac Holt, III Retiring – Family in Business for 60+ Years Selling to the Walls...
  7. S

    woodshop for auction in Norfolk, VA

  8. adowden

    Online auction in Sanford, nc

    Here is a link to an online auction in Sanford. Unfortunately most of the tools require 3 phase.:crybaby2: IRS Auctions
  9. froglips

    Cabinet shop auction....

    Ok, strap on that drool bib..... Someone take my credit card away! Jim
  10. T

    Won the Blum Minipress Auction

    All, Appears that I'm the new owner of a Blum Minipress :eusa_danc, thanks to Phil Ashley of's post on this forum: I look forward to getting this machine in the garage, and making some cabinets. Anyone familiar with...
  11. froglips

    Auction Saturday 8/26/06 has tools.....

    Local auction in Hillsborough, looks like a nice small selection of tools. Good deals might be had as they are not antiques nor high end tools. Leland Little Auction & Estate Sales, Ltd. 246 S. Nash Street Hillsborough, NC Special...
  12. frigator

    Statesville auction

    Checkout this auction this weekend in Statesville, look at that old belt driven sawmill and Planer. And those old beams from a dismantled house. Wonder what kind of wood it is?
  13. ashley_phil

    Online Auction - Equipment in Matthews, NC

    I'm running an auction for a small cabinet shop in Matthews, NC that has been closed for a year or so. All of the equipment is 220 V Single Phase except for the larger Jointer which is 3 - phase and the Radial Arm saw which is 110V single phase. The link below will take you to the auction...
  14. S

    Woodworking Equipment Auction

    Cskipper and I was this in our local paper today. Thought some of you maybe interested. I don't have any idea of who this business was. The auction will be held at 1304 West Main St, Forest City, NC. Contact # (864) 578-5045. I hope I got the link correct...
  15. Tarhead

    Henredon Equipment Auction in High Point Sadly another icon is closing up some (all?) of its operation...lots of big ole stuff up for auction here in the various lots. The 42" Tannewitz Bandsaw would require most of us to build a new shop (or house!). 24" Porter...
  16. R

    Greensboro Auction

    Saw in the Raleigh N&O today and checked out the website that there's a pretty good auction coming up in G'Boro on Tuesday. I can't make it there but looks like it may be worth the stop if it's local for you. The auction site is
  17. S

    good looking auction in southern VA

  18. Terry


    On Tuesday, May 9th at 5:00 PM there is an auction in the Chapel Hill area. See web site: for more information and pictures. Of interest is Hickory & Beech Boards; Qty and condition unknown. Also shop equipment and Old Planers. May be of interest! Thanks. Terry:wave:
  19. H

    Auction Spoils.....gloat maybe?

    Went to a local auction last Saturday. Stood in the rain a lot, maybe it was worth it? Spent $208.00 total. Only had to haul items 4 miles to the house. Of course it's all 3 phase, I just love 3 phase equipment auctions. 5hp, side stroke sander New and used belts that came with...
  20. B

    Wood Working Shop Auction 3/17

    A complete wood working shop and lumber. Shelby, NC 3/17. Go to Godley Auctions on line for details. Happy Hunting!:-P

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