1. cpw

    Auction: Rutherfordton

    Farm & Shop Equipment and Woodworking Tools Auction Sat. November 6th, 2010 @ 10:00 am Fred D. Rhodes - Owner - 294 Moss Road, Rutherfordton, NC 28139 Open For Inspection Friday November 5th, 2-5 PM DIRECTIONS - From Rutherfordton go west on Hwy. 64/74 5 miles to Maple Creek Rd. on your...
  2. froglips

    Auction: Machine Tools+ Burlington, NC

    Ok, now this has got to stir some of our "no clue why I want it, but I do" genes. I mean, look at all the rusty big iron thingys!! Pics: Jim
  3. froglips

    Auction: Blacksmith and Tools, Hillsborough

    Oh the dilemma, do I share this or hope no one else goes? You guessed it, I'll share ;-) Antique Blacksmith & Tool Auction October 3 - 12:00 noon We will begin the day under the tents with a nice collection of early blacksmith...
  4. prolfe

    WONC Tool Auction - After Woodworking Showcase!

    The non-profit organization, Woodworkers Of North Carolina, or WONC, is conducting a benefit auction on Saturday, Sept. 11 at 6:00. The auction follows the Woodworking Showcase that is being held at Klingspor's Woodworking Shop on Capital Blvd. in Raleigh. WONC is seeking donations for the...
  5. DWSmith

    Wood Auction

    IRS Auctions, Industrial Recovery Service, just opened an auction for lumber in Stuart, VA consisting of 151 lots of red and white oak. From what I can see of the lots, there is some good stuff and a group buy might be in order. There are restrictions to the bidding and pick-up so be aware. But...
  6. K

    Bunch of deals up for auction!

    Nothing mine but looks like some good deals if you can get the price right.
  7. Bill Clemmons

    Woodworking tools at auction

    Looks like a few old woodworking tools at an auction in Greensboro. It said he was a carver but I didn't see any carving tools in the pics. Go to this web site, then "current auctions", then scroll down to June 6 if interested. John Pait Bill Clemmons
  8. ScottM

    Promising Auction

    Check this out: even has a Dewalt Model 1 scroll saw and 735 planner.
  9. TracyP

    Last twenty four hours for Shopsmith Auction

    The Shopsmith Auction to benefit ncww will end tomorrow at 6:00 PM. Please bid accordingly!!!! Weather permitting I will bring this to the picnic for the winning bidder to pick up!!!!
  10. TracyP

    Shopsmith Auction Starts Saturday

    NCWW received a generous gift from Robb Parker during the year of 2009. I picked a Shopsmith up from Robb and will be auctioning it off in the next seven days. This Shopsmith will be awarded to the highest bidder. The auction will run for Seven days so please pay attention as I will be...
  11. ScottM

    Interesting items in an auction

    Not mine nor do I have any connections.
  12. Bill Clemmons

    Equipment at auction

    Just FYI: Saw this ad for an auction in Asheboro this Saturday (17th). Looks like 8 pieces of woodworking equipment going on sale from a school. I don't know anything else about it. Bill Clemmons
  13. TracyP

    Where to post an auction

    Ashley Phil is wanting us to post some auctions for him. He is wanting to replace the google ads with his. I told him we probably could not do that. He has asked about a sidebar ad. I will include the PM. I procrastinated and let the first auction slip by but there are others coming up...
  14. JohnW

    Arthritis Services Auction

    Arthritis Services in Charlotte has an annual fund raiser where they auction off donated services & gifts. My shop is "closed for renovation" but I have a few "stock items" to donate. Items like boxes, bowls and pens tend to do well. If anyone would like to donate an item for the auction...
  15. BrianGeib

    Lumber Auction - Statesville Approx. 50,000+/- Board Feet of Asst Sizes of Lumber, 100,000 Board Feet of Various Moldings, Complete Sets of Kitchen Cabinets, Rolls of Carpet, Thousands of SqFt of Hardwood Flooring (finished & unfinished), Tile, & more...
  16. W

    Vintage Woodworking Equipment Auction

    Here’s an auction I stumbled on that has quite a few vintage woodworking equipment that will be sold (not to mention some pretty cool Coca Cola memorabilia!). Looks like a great opportunity for the restoration enthusiasts in this group: SURPLUS AUCTION OF MARTIN KEARNS CONSTRUCTION AND...
  17. B

    Quality vintage tool auction

    Appears to be a few high quality vintage tools for auction here - online bidding available.
  18. BrianGeib

    MDF Auction - Rural Hall, NC

    These are the same people who did the lumber auction in Greensboro.
  19. cpw

    NC State Surplus Property Online Auction

    Several items closing at 1:00 PM today. Others closing at later dates. Bridgeport Milling Machines, drillpress, Air Compressors, 24" & 36" Do-Alls, 24" Grizzly Sander, Workbenches, Pressure Washer, Cabinets, Automobiles.
  20. R

    Hatteras Yacht surplus auction

    Saw this on eastern NC CL. - #1478863 Hatteras Yachts is auctioning surplus equipment this Saturday in New Bern. Looks like some nice tools including a Delta DJ-20 jointer I'd love to have. Best thing is - it's surplus, not another business going under! :thumbs_up

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