1. M

    Baileigh woodworking machinery

    Hey does anyone have experience with Baileigh woodworking machinery? I have a line on a used ij-883p-hh. IJ-883P-HH - Long Bed Parallelogram Jointer with Spiral Cutter Head | Baileigh Industrial
  2. build4fun

    Advice on sharpening old hand saws ?

    I have now collected 8-9 old hand saws (panel saws). I am documenting my process of restoring them and was curious about everyone else's advice for resharpening. Basically, I want to compare with my notes. What type of file do you use ? How do you get angles correct, keep track of the filed...
  3. C

    Young Buck looking for Hand Tool advice

    Hello all, Just recently joined NCWW. I do plenty of carpentry work in my off time when I can, but I want to get into the finer areas of woodworking. I figured the best place to ask questions would be the place with largest amount of woodworking knowledge available to me. So here I am haha...
  4. Rhythm House Drums

    Planer advice

    So I'm in the market for a new planer after my old delta model from Lowes has pooped out. It was never quite right, the boards would come out slightly thicker on one side, and snipe was a big issue. So I'm kinda happy to be looking for another. I'm looking at the dewalt 735 with the in and...
  5. G

    Sawblade Advice

    What saw blade do you use when cutting Black Walnut, Sapele, and Jabota (Brazilian Cherry)? Please provide brand/kerf/number of teeth. As ya'll know that stuff is hard and eats blades. I'm cutting 2 inch material with my table saw. Don't have a bandsaw yet. Thanks for any advice provided...
  6. D

    Advice for a desktop?

    I recently got a GeekDesk base; it's a desk base that raises from a sitting desk to a standing desk. I now need to build a desktop for it, and could use some advice. I'm looking to build a desktop maybe 5'x3', with a raised monitor shelf running along the back. First, what material should I...
  7. H

    Book Advice Needed

    I am thinking about doing some craft projects which would combine scroll sawing with relief carving. One problem: I know absolutely nothing about relief carving or carving in general. Can someone recommend an elementary book on relief carving? Thanks.
  8. Rhythm House Drums

    Advice on a new project

    So I'm wanting to start something that's probably pretty simple... but I have just recently acquired a lathe and have some questions... Here is something similar to what I'm wanting to do... These are "plugs" or "eyelets", for the hollow ones... or earrings.. I have my ears stretched to fit...
  9. G

    Any advice for a basic shop for a teenager?

    Hey all, I'm planning on spending my winter break re-organizing the un-finished section of my basement to set it up for woodworking projects. But the catch is that I'm currently a high school junior and will (hopefully) be going to college in 2013, and my parents will probably be moving and...
  10. T

    Finish Advice, Again!

    Okay, a couple of weeks ago I ask for advice on repairing a mistake I made when I rubbed through a lacquer finish on the edge of a project. It turned out that I was able to apply 3 more coats of lacquer and (carefully this time) rub out the piece again. The final finish ended up mirror slick...
  11. K

    Advice needed for mirror frame

    I'd like some advice on the construction details for a mirror frame I'm making. The frame is a basic stile and rail frame, containing a recessed mirror. The mirror is 30" x 36" x 3/16" so I was going to make the frame using 3/4" walnut with inside dimensions of 29.5" x 35.5", allowing for a...
  12. Douglas Robinson

    Advice on getting old glue cleaned out

    I have a glue dispenser that I really like. Unfortunately it has some dried up glue in it and it is not easy to get to the dried up residue. I have been soaking it in hot water and that has broken up a lot of the dried gunk. (Titebond II). Does anyone have any tricks or solvents that I should...
  13. moodyfloyd

    finish advice - rocking horse

    Hello All, My latest project is a Rocking horse I am making for our Baby Girls' first Christmas. It is being made out of Maple, Cherry and Jaboda with a Classic Cherry Stain. I would appreciate all of your advice on the best finish for this project. What would be the best for look, and...
  14. JackLeg

    Finishing Advice

    I am almost done with building a toy chest for my neighbor's little boy. I made if from oak plywood and red oak for the corners and trim. So, what do you suggest we use to stain and finish it? :dontknow: What type of stain will work easily for them? :eusa_thin Is poly in multiple coats the...
  15. Truefire

    Mobile Kitchen Island wheel casters advice?

    Hey guys i am in the process of building a mobile kitchen island cart and was wondering if you have any suggestions on the types of casters used. I desire to have locking ones that would readily roll on the linoleum floor in the kitchen without leaving indentations. Well of course i understand...
  16. steviegwood

    Need Advice on new printer

    Hi Folks, my HP printer took a fit and had three paper jams in a row. Now there is something mis-aligned somewhere and it blends some of the lines of a letter together and blurs photos across the middle. It also makes the edges wavy. I am told that it would most likely cost more to repair than...
  17. scsmith42

    Small bandsaw blade advice sought

    I snapped the band on my 17" Grizzly bandsaw recently and need to replace it. I use this saw for everything but resawing, and the band that I snapped was 1/4" deep, around .028 thick, and 10 tpi. I really like the general purpose nature of this band. The Grizzly band worked well, but before...
  18. B

    Need seasoned advice on electrical

    I've been using a temporary 220 line for a bit, but with winter coming up and outside projects presumably slowing down, I'd like to get my garage shop set up better. Here's a list of pertinent information: Equipment needing electricity Rigid R4511 tablesaw - 1.5 hp 220 or 110 Delta...
  19. D

    Dupont6480 Workshop lighting advice

    OK. Now that I have finished the interior walls and ceiling, I am ready to install lighting. My first plan is to start painting the walls and ceiling a satin white. After a lot of advice from some great NCWW members, my own personal research and talking to a lot of BORG personnel and friends I...
  20. pviser

    drum sander advice needed

    Hi Guys, I'm getting tired of leaving swirl marks from my 21 X 3 belt sander. Therefore, I'm now in the market for a drum sander. The Jet oscillating 22" drum sander seems like a good choice. While I'd love to have a monster 5 HP Powermatic wide belt sander, I have to be practical. All...

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