1. P1070954


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  2. P1070950


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  3. P1070948


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  4. P1070945


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  5. froglips

    Wet/Dry Shop Vac tip......

    When going from dry to wet, I highly recommend removing the bag and filter from your Shop Vac before sucking water..... Who'd thunk it? :dontknow: :BangHead: :rotflm: Jim
  6. Vac Chuck 4

    Vac Chuck 4

  7. Vac Chuck 3

    Vac Chuck 3

  8. Vac Chuck 2

    Vac Chuck 2

  9. Vacuum Chuck

    Vacuum Chuck

  10. Dust Deputy

    Dust Deputy

    Dust Deputy - Shop Vac Combo
  11. S

    Porter Cable 894 PK Vac Handle Router

    This is the 2 1/4 hp with a vac handle. How does this stack up vs Festool's routers. As far as dust collection is concerned. Please, no opinions. Experience between the two is appreciated. No, back in the day stories, when tools were tools and men were.... oh well Thanks M
  12. F

    "new" shop vac

    Well, we finally installed the main unit of our Oneida dust collection system last Saturday which we have bought custom seven years ago. We originally bought it for our shop in Apex and then we moved out here to Summerfield. Sucker is heavy, but looks nice so far. Hubby said it will "suck the...
  13. D

    Shop vac question

    How long of a period can you run a little shop vac? Could you run one continuously for 4-6 hours? More??
  14. pslamp32

    Silly Shop Vac Question...

    So I was running through Home Depot for 'Black Friday' today and decided $20 for a Ridgid shop-vac was too good to pass up even though I already have 3 in the shop. Started looking for the bags for the unit and couldn't find the correct one. Decided to ask someone where they were and he said I...
  15. J

    Help with purchase of Shop Vac

    I currently use a Makita ROS without any vac attached. I now want to buy a vac just for this and am considering the Fein or the Festool (leaning toward the Fein due to $$). Any advice on which model, filters etc to make the right purchase would be appreciated.
  16. Sharp Blade

    My new Vac sucks!

    Hee, sucks things up real nice! I got it Friday evening after my little 6 gallon Shop-Vac died. It's a Rigid 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac/ WD1851. I love this thing. No, I haven't replaced my table saw yet. (Probably won't for a long time!)
  17. Mtnman

    Old Canister Shop vac's

    Probably most of you have figured out that the bottom half of an old shop vac that no longer works makes a great trash can. Especially if it is metal and has casters on the bottom. I have several in my shop, and I like the fact that they are fire proof and I can roll it up close to where I am...
  18. K

    Shop Vac Accessories

    I'm looking to get some attachments and tubes for a home built dust collection system type thing. I wanted mostly just to provide some dust collection for my miter saw, planar, joiner and router. Anyone know where they may have some of this stuff for sale? Thanks!
  19. farmerbw

    Shop Vac feedback

    While completing our last project my 2-3 year old Lowes shop vac bit the dust! :roll: It developed a "burning" smell and started making non-normal noises. I've still got to dig through my receipts to see exactly when I got it since it supposedly has a 3 year warranty, but in the interim I've...
  20. sapwood

    Fein vac as good as Festool?

    I need to spend ~$250 dollars at WWS within the next two weeks. Due to changes with their credit card I need to exhaust my Rewards AND they upped the reward points 150% :eusa_danc One item I'm seriously considering is the Fein 9-11-55 6 Gallon Turbo I shop vac. A number of folks have posted...

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