1. Phil S

    Need a tree cutter and free wood

    I am finally getting ready to break ground on my new shop , but first I need to safely drop a few trees. Can anyone suggest a good/cheap tree man in the Northeast Raleigh area. All I need is for them to drop a couple of pines and a few hardwoods. They will not have to remove the wood - just...
  2. CarvedTones

    UPDATED - On today's edition of Name That Tree...

    Our first contestant is from Cary, NC and resides at the corner of Buck Jones Franklin Rd and Macedonia (where Buck Jones Franklin ends at the stop sign near Walnut). Sorry abot the crappy cell phone picture; I will add a better close up of that log lying on the ground in a bit, because it...
  3. Mark Stewart

    looking for a small dogwood tree

    Hi there Im looking for a small dogwood tree to make a cane out of. If any one has one let me know and well try to work out something. Thanks Mark
  4. Beech Tree

    Beech Tree

    Baby Beech tree
  5. D

    Tree Removal Recommendations

    I have did a search for Tree removal and was very helpful although 2009 was the latest post I am looking for other names as well in the Durham area. I am looking for to have some trees removed here near the home and shop....I know, I know, call a professional...that is what I am looking before...
  6. CarvedTones

    Free black Walnut tree in Raleigh!

    Not mine. You better know what you are doing; Glenwood has lots of wires and buildings/houses close together. The likelihood of some metal in the tree could be lower... BLACK WALNUT TREE (Historic Glenwood) Date: 2010-03-10, 2:49PM EST Reply to: [Errors...
  7. timf67

    Any Sawyers for a yard tree?

    My next door neighbor has a ~45 year old silver maple in his front yard that he wants to take down (before it takes his house down!:eek:) Anyway, it is ~32" diameter at about 4' from the ground. It needs to come down because there is a crotch about 10' up that has a hollow with squirrels...
  8. woodworker2000

    Raleigh CL - Large Black Walnut Tree (on ground ready for milling)

    Found this on Raleigh CL and thought it might be of some interest to our sawmill owners or anyone with a portable mill. Link: Black walnut tree (raleigh, down town) Date: 2010-02-24, 12:10AM EST Reply to:
  9. Jon

    I have a cedar tree

    I have a cedar tree on my Trailer its about 14 feet long and maybe 7 inch diameter at the bottom does any one want it?
  10. shop tree

    shop tree

    shop tree
  11. K

    Black walnut tree

    Hello, my name is Karen, and I just joined. I have been working with wood for ~ 20 years. I have made things from incense burners, to boxes (small and large) to pieces of furniture. I love to smell wood, hold it and work with it. Enough about me. I wanted to let others know that an elderly...
  12. D

    What Tree Is This? (UPDATED with newer pics)

    Here's one for the "DaveO" to ponder on. I cut down one of these last year and left it lay far too long and the bugs got it. Haven't cut this one down yet but based on last year's tree, the interior wood is relatively bright yellow and quite sappy. Didn't have much of a smell to speak of but...
  13. maplep16


    detail of maple panel
  14. maplep15


    panel is 48"w x 53"h basswood and is painted with latex paint thinned down 50% or more
  15. burl


    20" knot; thick 13 "knot; wide and 22" knot; high ( burl )
  16. burl


    20"knot; thick 13 "knot; wide and 22"knot; high ( burl )
  17. burl


    20"knot; thick 13 "knot; wide and 22"knot; high ( burl )
  18. Palm sink pedestal

    Palm sink pedestal

    "palm tree" carved sink pedestal for client's home in Nassau
  19. Kyle

    worlds oldest tree..
  20. Christmas_tree_09v2


    2009 Christmas tree

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