1. Time Bomb Desk Clock

    Time Bomb Desk Clock

    Once I seen the one that VillageWood (user on the LumberJocks web site) posted a while back, I was inspired!! I made two – here are my renditions…
  2. H

    Grip 2nd time on a twice turned piece?

    How do YOU grip a twice turned piece when the tenon or recess has become oblong upon drying - as it always seems to? Henry W
  3. A

    Time for an update

    Time for some new pics of the beast bandsaw from Sully and Ernie's new harpsichord and music box projects
  4. Tarhead

    Der beste Frästisch aller Zeiten ?...(The Best Router Table of All Time?)

    The German equivalent of Wood magazine has a few new videos by Guido Henn (Google him...he has other videos which are awesome) on a Norm Clone Router Table with some interesting twists. Here is an overview (turn down the sound if you don't understand German)...
  5. woodArtz

    Time for a new tool!

    Well, my old Milwaukee right angle drill gave up the ghost. I has served me the past three years, not as a drill, but as a bowl sander. So, I'm in the market for new angle drill/sander. Milwaukee replaced my old model with a new one that many reviewers hate. :confused_ Anybody have good...
  6. FredP

    third time's a charm....

    I didn't get a PM sayin I needed to do this but just in case one of us forgets, I'm Fred! Or at least I think I am.... seems like I was yesterday.... or was it last week?? Oh well.... whoever I am I like wood. proof's in my gallery. maybe I'll find myself there.:-D
  7. bitbight

    Long, long time ago

    When I first logged into NCWW I was known as "Snafucu" and created my intro page. I changed my name to Bitbight shortly after. For those of you who do not know me, here I am now somewhere about 120 on the member list. Old time retarded retired GI still living (thanks to those that be) and...
  8. NC_Horn

    Long Time Stalker

    Have been a stalking this forum for a few years. Don't post very much but enjoy all the post that I read here. As for me, I am a Windows system engineer - working for CSC. Time in the shop provides a needed release. I've enjoyed working with wood since the late 70s and high school shop...
  9. Gotcha6

    A Journey in Time...

    Lest anyone thing I've been a little slack in my WWing endeavors this year, let me show you some of what I've been working on. This is a custom Wine Cellar for a customer of ours that we've been working on since March. In addition to the supervisory aspect of all this, I've done all the on...
  10. CarvedTones

    recovering 8 chairs, other ww time eaters

    sorry about low quality phone pic: Priced a couple of places that wanted over $100 per chair; we did all 8 for about $45 total for cloth and staples. Serious discount on the cloth. I have started one of my kids in Fletcher Academy to address the learning difficulties that were making a public...
  11. Bill Clemmons

    Greensboro lunch time

    Well, it's been a month since our last get-together, where we learned all about SketchUp. Our next scheduled luncheon is this Thursday, the 15th at The Moose Cafe. See you there. :eusa_danc Bill
  12. Hook

    It's that time of year

    I can't seem to make things fast enough - my wife wants ornaments for her Christmas party, I want ornaments for my office party and now that folks realize I'm back at it, they want ornaments or clocks or what not... Pattern courtesy of Sue Mey at www.scrollsawartist.com, this clock is already...
  13. J

    New again

    I joined here last spring but failed to close the loop of introducing myself... I left marketing and advertising and design consulting in 2001 to work alone in my shop building custom cabinetry and furniture. With an interest initially of building a business, I quickly shifted that into an...
  14. MikeH

    Server time is 5hrs ahead...

    I just hit the thread by Marke and he posted the thread at 11/11/11 11:11 but the time on the post is 4:11PM. The server time is 5 hours ahead.
  15. T

    long time member never said hello here

    been here for a while and never said hello here cause I never liked the post your real name to the forum to get discount qualified since this is the internet afterall but I guess I am giving in you can call me Tat and I have met a few of you over the last couple of years I live in charlotte...
  16. Bill Clemmons

    Time for another Greensboro lunch!

    Yep, it 's been almost a month since our last lunch, and time for another one. How about 11:30 this Thursday (Oct. 20) at The Moose Cafe in Greensboro? Come join us if you can. :icon_cheers Bill
  17. TracyP

    That time of year

    My wife and I went to Cana Virginia for an annual apple and other produce buying trip. Well seems spider season is in full swing. I have been home most of the week with a nasty bite on my left arm and even more nasty antibiotics. Guess there was a little critter hiding in one of those baskets...
  18. Mike Davis

    I'll be demonstrating old time wood work

    Colfax Persimmon Festival Saturday Nov 5 / 10 to 4 At the Historic Stafford Farm 558 N. Bunker Hill Rd Featuring: Persimmon products/lots of food Music/ apple cider/ Stonegate wine Car, tractor show/ Arts, crafts tents Levering Orchard Apples Nature walk to the Big TREE, Maybe biggest...
  19. Bill Clemmons

    Play time with Scott Smith

    Last week I made the big decision to take the Festool plunge. Well, at least for a couple of sanders and a dust extractor. After almost 42 years of this obsession, I figure I've inhaled enough sawdust. :confused_ But before I make the final commitment, I wanted to do a little "hands on"...
  20. cskipper

    Need time commitments re: Raleigh

    I believe it is time to get specific commitment re: time at the Raleigh show. This is not necessarily written in stone, and folks can be participate as much as you want. We just need to be sure someone will be there throughout. We may want to get fairly specific times on the demo's, realizing...

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