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Have been a stalking this forum for a few years. Don't post very much but enjoy all the post that I read here.

As for me, I am a Windows system engineer - working for CSC. Time in the shop provides a needed release. I've enjoyed working with wood since the late 70s and high school shop class. My shop is a 20x40 detatched building but 10x20 of that is my office for my real job. I enjoy turning tho only have a jet mini with extension bed. That was an upgrade from an old Craftsman lathe I had sinch high school. There are a few pics posted of a few of my projects so feel free.

I live in Burlington, less than a couple of miles from Bryan S tho we have yet to hook up. Sorry on my part, neighbors should know each other.

Well that is it for now for my who am I. - Not sure if I had posted one in the past.

Happy New Year to all,



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Welcome to the forum Duane. This is a friendly bunch with lots of expertise. Post often with lots of pictures. And do hook up with Bryan...he's definitely a good guy. There are several members in Alamance County and surrounding area. If you are interested in a hands-on group, HOW meets every Monday night in Orange County. I can provide more info if you wish.
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