1. Stuart Kent

    Thanks to Scott Smith and all who came to the Design Class Yesterday

    I wanted to thank Scott Smith for hosting the design class yesterday, as well as all the guys who came. It was a real pleasure to meet each of you. Thanks again for sharing your work, I enjoyed seeing the variety of styles and ideas during our critique. I look forward to seeing you all again...
  2. Stuart Kent

    Design Class November 15, Scott Smith's shop in Raleigh

    Good Morning All, We will meet at Scott Smith's shop in Raleigh at 9:00 am, and will conclude around 4:00 pm. There are still a few seats available so anyone interested please contact me by email: The day will consist of a 3 hour morning class, lunch, and a 2 hour design...
  3. Stuart Kent

    UPDATE: Design Class at Scott Smith's Shop in Raleigh

    Hello all, I wanted to tell you that we will hold the Design class at Scott Smith's shop on Saturday November 15. Thanks to all who have registered here through the forum! I have registered several people through my website also, so the class will have a good group and I am excited to meet...
  4. Stuart Kent

    Design Class at Scott Smith's Shop in Raleigh

    Please vote for a date. Demystifying Design with Stuart Kent at Scott Smith’s Shop in Raleigh Saturday (October 25 or November 15) $135 per person, class size limited to 25 people. · $45 deposit required for registration, checks by mail and all major credit cards accepted. ·...
  5. J

    Outstanding customer service/Scott Smith

    I just got back to Wilmington after driving to Scott Smith's mill in New Hill. It was just over two hours and worth it. Anyone wanting good wood, fair treatment in a wonderful low key environment, go visit Scott, regardless of how far away you are. Worth it!!
  6. LeftyTom

    Paging Scott Smith...Mr Scott Smith....

    I cast the gauntlet before you:
  7. Bill Clemmons

    Play time with Scott Smith

    Last week I made the big decision to take the Festool plunge. Well, at least for a couple of sanders and a dust extractor. After almost 42 years of this obsession, I figure I've inhaled enough sawdust. :confused_ But before I make the final commitment, I wanted to do a little "hands on"...
  8. CatButler

    Visit to Scott Smith's

    I had been spending quite a bit of $ on tools lately with nothing to show for it, so when my wife said she wanted to buy a hall bench, I told her I would rather make one. I found a bunch of different options and ran them by her. She liked this the best...
  9. MarkE

    Anyone need a Scott Smith sized slider?

    Saw this on Ashville CL. List price @ Grizzly is $11,500. Grizzly Sliding Table Saw G0501 - $4000 (Hendersonville,NC) Date: 2011-06-14, 5:43PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Grizzly...
  10. cskipper

    PF Scott Smith's to Forest City or Coiumbia

    I left my zebrawood at the picnic. Can anybody move it from Scortt Smith's across the state for me?
  11. AmishWarlord

    Shop Smith to buy or not to buy?

    I have the chance to get a Shop Smith Mark V with a good assortment of accessories for $1,000. How ever I already have a table saw, band saw, router table, radial arm saw, planer, drill press, biscuit cutter, spindle sander and scroll saw. So do a really need a Shop Smith? At one time I...
  12. S

    lumber run to Scott Smith's place today

    Since I had the time, great weather and a couple bucks in my pocket, I made the LONG run to Scott Smith's place in New Hill for some beautiful QSWO today. If you haven't been there I highly suggest you plan a trip soon. He has a fantastic facility, large inventory of different QS species, great...
  13. scsmith42

    This Saturday's lumber Run at Scott Smith's

    We're planning to kick things off at 10 am. It looks like the weather should be ok until later in the afternoon. For anybody that needs directions, please send me an e-mail via NCWW. My cell phone is 919-291-0095 in case you need to contact me directly. I'll have some soda's and water...
  14. bluthart

    PE Spring Hope to Scott Smith's?

    If anyone is heading to Scott Smith's for the lumber run, is anyone going by Spring Hope? I'm getting a few small barrels from Rob S(in pieces) I was hoping to get brought to Charlotte. I have a ride from Scott's to Charlotte. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. D

    Lumber run coming soon at Scott Smith's

    Scott aluded to this in his recent post and I want to add some details. We bought a large quantity of zebrawood and a lesser amount of African mahogany (possibly sapele, but to be honest, I haven't seen it yet) off Craigslist. We plan on hauling it to Scott's as early as next week, and will be...
  16. Bill Clemmons

    Visited Scott Smith today.

    I picked up some wood for another NCWW member today at Scott's shop. Since I'd been there before on the April Shop Crawl, I figured I'd just grab the wood and run: WRONG! If you can go in Scott's shop and leave quickly, you're probably not an avid woodworker. :nah: There's just too much to...
  17. Mike Davis

    Need help from Scott Smith to Greensboro

    I have some wood at Scott's and due to circumstances beyond my control I can't go to Raleigh today. Is anyone headed toward Greensboro this week? Thanks, Mike Oh, it's just four pieces 1 x 5 and up to 8 feet long.
  18. eyekode

    A lathe for Scott Smith :) Check out the label. Looks like it was once owned by NASA. Wonder what they were turning? Salem
  19. Bas

    If Phil and Scott Smith got together to do some steam bending.... Steam bending doesn't start until 8:30, but it's a cool video to watch in its entirety.
  20. froglips

    Chat Guest Speaker Transcript: Scott Smith on Milling and QSRO

    View image in gallery First, let me say the biggest THANK YOU Scott!! permitted by the software! Scott was the first ever Guest Speaker on our Thursday night chats. Scott answered questions from logs, veneers, sealing, ponds and even how to build the Guinness Book of World Records most...

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