Thanks to Scott Smith and all who came to the Design Class Yesterday

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Stuart Kent

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I wanted to thank Scott Smith for hosting the design class yesterday, as well as all the guys who came. It was a real pleasure to meet each of you. Thanks again for sharing your work, I enjoyed seeing the variety of styles and ideas during our critique. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. If you find yourselves in the Greenville area please give me a call and come by my shop!

thanks for a fun day guys!

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Stuart you're way too humble. That class was so awesome that words can't do it justice.

There's something to be said for marrying passion with knowledge. Sort of follows the give a man a fish vs. teaching him how to fish.

You're a great instructor and the people in the class were all very accomplished. The unselfishness in the group and on this site is something to be cherished, especially our host, Scott Smith. It was well worth the trip and I'd welcome another. Went on Amazon and ordered several of the books including Boulle to help me on my journey.


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Indeed Stuart Kent ran a good workshop and an opportunity to learn more about some key principles of design -- all of us benefited from the session, for sure. Here are a few pictures I took of Stuart at "the easel" and the participants outdoors as we discussed optimal ways to mill a complex cedar log for a furniture project. More in my Gallery in the Design Workshop Album, including pictures of the books that Stuart recommended for reference. Kudos to Scott Smith for hosting it as well -- a good day!




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