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Scott Smith
Whoa - that tree would make a Texan think twice!

Would you believe that it weighs over 11,000 lbs per running foot?!

I sure hope that they do something to recycle it. A fellow could whittle on that thing for a lifetime.


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Scott: On your way out there, go through Donner Pass. They have a lot of the big ol' steam powered logging machines sitting up at the summit that you may be able to use to move that monster. Probably need one of those big Antonov AN225 cargo planes to get it back here tho. Let me know if you need any help with it.:gar-La;:gar-La;.



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Wow, that is a crazy stat!

I hope they carve some stairs right into that trunk. Maybe up to the center of the tree. That way you could walk through and see all the rings :).


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M O N S T E R - I sure hope they don't let it lay there and rot :no:

Unfortunately, that is likely exactly what they are going to do.

FWIW, according to Wikipedia:
"Due to their weight and brittleness trees would often shatter when they hit the ground, wasting much of the wood."

Bill Clemmons

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Last I heard on the news, the plan is to cut a tunnel for tourist to pass through, and leave it laying there. Of course, that plan probably changes from day to day. This is, after all, a government project. :confused_



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Kyle Edwards
Redwoods will cast off shoots and create new stands of trees if not processed so it won't go to waste but create biome for animals and new trees that will be here in a 1000 years.

Outa Square

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I hate to see wood go to waste but I think that given the fact that it is located in the Giant Sequoia National Monument it is only fitting to have that be it's final resting place. It would be neat to go climb on it and go where only birds and wildlife have been.

Of course on the other hand I wonder what it looks like on the inside.
I have seen old large trees like oak, hickory, and poplar cut down and the insides aren't much count. That was two trees that were grown together for the last 1500 years. Hopefully when they cut the tunnel that that wood can be used for something that can benefit the park or a friends of the park group.

here is some pictures of the park that were neat...
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