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I had been spending quite a bit of $ on tools lately with nothing to show for it, so when my wife said she wanted to buy a hall bench, I told her I would rather make one. I found a bunch of different options and ran them by her. She liked this the best.
With all that quartersawn oak, I knew this would be the chance to go visit Scott's place.

I can't begin to tell you what a great experience it was. Scott is a great guy and really helped picking out boards. Most plans give you a cut list like you can find a perfect 6"x8' board full of rays and fleck with no knots or defects in it. This was the first project where I really wanted to do something where the effects in the wood were part of the piece and Scott was awesome in helping me pick out boards for all the pieces I needed to make.

The individual service was far better than anything I have ever had at a lumber yard. When you go visit Scott, I would recommend bringing a list of all the pieces you need to make, whether or not it is going to be visible and a diagram of the piece. He helped me find boards for all of the pieces I needed to make, marking out each piece on the board so I know I have everything covered. I can't wait to get started on this because I know the wood I have is great.


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Yes Scott is the best. And his shop ain't bad either. I can say I enjoyed my visit a few weeks ago. I know I slowed his production that day. He acted like he had all day and I took a chunk of it!

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