1. J

    New Laguna 12" Jointer - Motor to be installed in California

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a Laguna 5HP 12" jointer and am being told it will ship after they install the motor in California. That seems a bit odd, is that normal? I am a little worried they will ship a unit that has previously been returned. Has anyone been in this situation or ordered...
  2. KenOfCary

    Shipping Cabinet Across Country

    Anyone have experience with this? I need to ship a wine cabinet (about 20x30x36T). I'm thinking a moving company that specializes in small shipments. Don't expect that it is going to be cheap. I have one that I'm taking to the Chicago area that eventually needs to be in California and...
  3. M

    Free shipping from Enco (machine tools and such) Save up to 56% with new Enco Web Deals! Plus enjoy Free UPS Ground Shipping* through Friday, 11/11/11 on orders of $25 or more with Promo Code WDPNV. *Minimum order of $25 prior to tax and shipping is required. Free Shipping applies to standard ground shipments to locations...
  4. J

    Rockler Free Shipping Code

    For free shipping thru 12-31, use code V9117. Yes, I know I'm an enabler:gar-La;.
  5. C

    Lee Valley - Free Shipping

    Lee Valley is offering Free Shipping thru September 26
  6. S

    Klingspor shipping

  7. J

    Rockler Free Shipping thru 06-19-11

    Rockler is offering FREE SHIPPING on any order thru 06-19-11. Use code # V1978. Happy Father's Day.
  8. nickol

    shipping a table sawetc. Possible pony express

    Sold my saw and outfeed table plus other items. Need to ship from charlotte area to cary,nc. Any suggestions?
  9. F

    Worksharp Leather Hone Kit $7.49 + Shipping @ TylerTools

    Someone asked for the Worksharp Leather Hone Kits on SMC, so I told them about the Tyler Tools sale going on. These maybe good for those looking for extra plate disc to keep different grits on hand too. I suppose you can just scrape off the leather and apply your other grit disc to the...
  10. R

    Lee Valley & free shipping

    I see Lee Valley has Free Shipping thru March 28.....with $40 min. purch. Seriously, is it possible to keep an order under $40???
  11. PeteM

    Nicholson Rasp - Only $299.99 w/FREE Shipping

    You too can have one of these fine instruments for only $299.99 !!!! See it here: :rotflm::rotflm::rotflm::rotflm: pete
  12. LloydP

    Grizzly shipping question

    I am about to order a Grizzly jointer (tool gloat will have to wait until I learn to use it!), and I am wondering what others have done about shipping. I know that the Grizzly price will bring the box to your house, but not off the truck. Have others gone to the shipping terminal to pick it up...
  13. Glennbear

    Rockler Free Shipping

    Received notice via e-mail that Rockler is offering free shipping to their newsletter subscribers with a code placed in your order. If you do not subscribe you may wish to do so. Details on their website. Note : I disavow any responsibility for damage to your wallet if you do so. :gar-La;
  14. Tarhead

    Free Shipping on Tenryu Saw Blades thru December 31, 2010

    This was in my Email today:, and are offering FREE Shipping on any order thru December 31, 2010. This site is under NEW ownership and is an authorized “Internet Partner” for Tenryu USA. You will find a Toll Free number on the site for you to...
  15. cpw

    Rockler - Free Shipping 'til Sunday * To get free shipping, simply place your order at by using the link above or entering promotion code V7903 at checkout. This offer cannot be combined with other offers, applied to...
  16. cpw

    UPDATE: Woodcraft Facebook Special - Free Shipping

    The facebook special has been extended: "Spend $25 and Use Coupon Code 10118 during checkout to get Free Shipping! This offer will end October 18."
  17. decibel

    McFeely faster shipping!

    Just wanted to mention that i had a nice surprise this week. I placed my order for a box of screws on Tuesdays as it usually takes ~ 3 days to get here. Well UPS pulls up Wednesday with a 2 boxes ( I was expecting another package from anyway). Sure enough my screws was the 2nd package, I...
  18. Tarhead

    Free Shipping at Lee Valley and Corneal Excision Tweezers Return

    Like it says, Free shipping until 9/27 and these tweezers are back after being gone for a while:,43456,43464 They're great for excising splinters and pieces of metal below the skin surface. Much better than anything else I've ever used.
  19. Mt. Gomer

    Free Shipping @ ToolKing on orders over $99

    Coupon code "shark" good through 8/10.
  20. Touchwood

    Lee Valley..Free Shipping

    Hi Gang, FYI....says it takes $13.50 off price to ship to U.S. Don

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