1. Blade Organizer - Filled

    Blade Organizer - Filled

  2. Blade Organizer - Rear

    Blade Organizer - Rear

  3. Blade Organizer - Front

    Blade Organizer - Front

    Here is something I worked up a while back to hold our scroll saw blades… The top is a 1x and the bottom is a 2x pine with 1/4” plywood sides. I drilled the top and bottom at the same time by using double sided tape to hold them together while I drilled the holes…
  4. J

    Delta 20" Scroll Saw $349.99

    This is the same as DeWalt saw, only a different color. Woodcraft will have "limited quantities" beginning Jan 28th. Ad is in March 2012 Wood, page 78. If I were looking, I would hustle over to Woodcraft and reserve one.
  5. mgoins

    Cutting boards - scroll saw practice

    Happy New Year! Recently my father-in-law was having a barn taken down, and gave me first pick of boards to come down for my lumber stash. The barn stood on the property that he grew up on, and that's been in his family for over 100 years. It was built by his uncle from lumber cut and...
  6. H

    Delta Scroll Saw

    To clear up some misinformation... Woodcraft in Raleigh and Matthews have the Delta Scroll Saw in stock at an incredible $349.99 including the stand and light. While supplies last. (This is the Dewalt saw with Delta paint.)
  7. DanR

    Dewalt 20" scroll saw

    Sounds like the DW788 to me:
  8. Bugle

    Delta 20" Scroll saw at Woodcraft

    Looks like a good deal:
  9. C

    scroll saw at Cary Habitat

    Found a nice heavy duty scroll saw for $125 at Cary habitat on high house road. also they have some old laminate rolls for free (going to make a board for my new vacuum bag system with it). I wanted to buy the saw but desperately need a new band saw so have to save my green for that.
  10. D

    scroll saw restore

    Recently bought out a complete shop of a fellow wood worker that has passed on. In the mix was a delta/rockwell 40-440 scroll saw. I am thinking about restoring it. The recommendation for lube oil is light #10. Anyone know if a non-detergent 10 weight will be ok? Thanks
  11. Rose Plaque in Curly Maple

    Rose Plaque in Curly Maple

    Rose plaque in Curly Maple 8-3/4" x 7-3/4" x 3/8" curly maple
  12. Trivet, 3d effect - Butternut

    Trivet, 3d effect - Butternut

    Trivet with 3d effect in Butternut. 6: x 6" x 3/8" Butternut Pattern by Michael Dunn
  13. Bugle

    Scroll saw gift box/basket

    Been learning to use the scroll saw that I purchased from Charlie a couple of months ago. This is a combination of patterns by Steve Good. Made for my son's girl friend's birthday. Bloodwood and red oak. I got the bloodwood from Anchor Hardwoods in Raleigh. VERY hard wood, but finishes...
  14. jaustin

    Scroll saw recommendation?

    looking to get a scroll saw, I don't plan on doing a look of detail type cut outs. Need a variable speed and uses I think they are called pinless blades. Need to be able to but blade thru a 1/16th hole. Could some recommended a scroll saw. John
  15. P

    Trouble shooting Delta Scroll saw- IT WORKS!

    Turns out all I needed to do was blow air in and around the on/off switch and the speed control knob....don't I feel silly... she runs like a charm now!
  16. P

    Trouble shooting Delta scroll saw

    Quick question...I've got a sweet, nearly new, 20" Delta variable speed scroll saw...and she won't turn on. I've tried different wall sockets and have checked the fuse...I don't know what else to do...any ideas out there? I'm worse than a kid with a sick puppy here... ...thanks, Pam
  17. Bugle

    Scroll Saw questin

    I am considering buying a scroll saw. I've been looking on Craigs List for a couple weeks with no luck. (If anyone here has a decent one for sale, let me know) I looked on the Grizzly site and found these two. My question is, what is the difference except the $10 difference? I know the...
  18. Jatoba wavy basket

    Jatoba wavy basket

    Designed by Cathy Skipper 6.25x 6.25 x 2.5 B-W med 2
  19. QSS wavy bowl

    QSS wavy bowl

    Pattern by Cathy Skipper 6 x 6 x 1.5 B-W med 1
  20. Osage Orange wobble bowl

    Osage Orange wobble bowl

    Pattern by Osage Orange 5.5 x 5.5 x 1.75 B-WOB sm 2

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