1. Sears Scroll Saw

    Sears Scroll Saw

  2. cskipper

    Sick scroll saw

    My Hegner is sick! The speed control has decided that wide open is the only way it will run - not the easiest to use. For a mere $200 I can order a new one. Just when I was getting interested in scrolling again. Grrrrrr
  3. Jim M.

    RBI Hawk scroll saw on MB CL $175

    Not mine - $175 RBI Hawk scroll saw on Myrtle Beach Craigslist. Jim
  4. AmishWarlord

    Hand held power scroll saw

    Found one up for bid on ebay.
  5. clocks


    Station Regulator clock I just had to build. Got the plans from my brother, who had attempted to make one and given up. It has Westminster chimes.
  6. clocks


    Side view.
  7. clocks


    Another Steve Good design clock. This one is red oak with sprayed on shellac.
  8. clocks


    Let Freedom Ring clock. Unkown wood. Got the piece from my brother. It was light wood with a slight rose hue. Sprayed with shellac and the finish darkened right down with the appearance of black walnut. This is a Steve Good design.
  9. clocks


    Another front view.
  10. clocks


    some of the clocks I made, showing MOST of my mistakes. Top section of Midnight Kiss clock.
  11. clocks


    some of the clocks I made, showing MOST of my mistakes. Front of Midnight Kiss clock, using maple and mahogany.
  12. clocks


    Neighbor came over one day with 2 nice pieces of old red oak shelf boards. He wanted me to glue them up so he could make a desk for his daughter, who is a nursing student. He also had 4 4x4x24 poplar pieces for the legs. This is what we made
  13. clocks


    some of the clocks I made, showing MOST of my mistakes
  14. clocks


    Some miniature horse drawn vehicles. I have the plans for 12 different vehicles. I've made 10 of them so far--1/4 birch plywood and pine.
  15. AmishWarlord

    Dremel Scroll Saw Station

    Hey Phillip, I saw you had a problem back in Feb with your 1800 saw not holding blades. Did you get that problem fixed? My new 1830 is doing good but I'd like to be ready if that problem creeps up on me. Mine doesn’t hold some spiral blades that I bought but I think that is more of the blades...
  16. AmishWarlord

    Hegner Bah! Now this is a scroll saw.

    Saw this one on ebay today.
  17. Nature's Majesty

    Nature's Majesty

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