1. llucas

    NEW - POWERMATIC PM2000 TABLESAW - $1995 (Raleigh)

    not mine...might be a good deal if you are in the market posted tonight on CLRaleigh at 621 PM
  2. Completed Assembly

    Completed Assembly

    Took about 5 hours to assemble...I guess Im a bit slow.
  3. Right out of the crate!

    Right out of the crate!

    New purchase of my PM2000
  4. Unloading the PM2000

    Unloading the PM2000

    Getting ready to figure out how to get this thing out of my truck
  5. timf67

    PM2000 Gloat!

    Not sure how many of you saw the PM2000 posted for sale on this site by Tom Hintz, but let's just say that it was a steal! I got a PM2000, 3hp cabinet saw with 52" fence, workbench side table, several ZCI's, and a riving knife for the embarrasingly low price of $700! :embaresse :swoon: I did...
  6. PM2000


  7. PM2000


  8. SteveColes

    Replacement for pm2000 Accu fence.

    I've had this saw since the fall of 2006. And in general I love it. BUT, I have always had a problem aligning the Rip Fence and getting good clean rips. I always assumed that I was at fault. Some how I was doing a bad job of alignment and the dirty rip cuts were bad technique. Now all of that...
  9. T

    PM2000 or Powermatic 66?

    Anyone have advice on whether a Powermatic 66 would be preferable to the newer PM2000 table saw?
  10. S

    Powermatic 50" Inch PM RAIL SET FOR 66 PM2000 2653031Z - $185 (Kernersville)

    Not Mine Powermatic 50" Inch PM RAIL SET FOR 66 PM2000 2653031Z - $185 (Kernersville) Date: 2011-02-11, 11:46AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] NEW Powermatic 50" Inch PM RAIL SET for...
  11. MrAudio815

    PM2000 owners, I have a Electrical question?

    Hey Everyone, It's been a while. Anyway I have been getting electrical out to my garage from inside the townhome. I put 50 amps out there with a 50 amp double pole circuit breaker and 6-3 gauge wire which can handle 55amps. Anyway my question is I have 12 gauge wire that I used to run my...
  12. Tablesaw up and running and Ripping and cutting

    Tablesaw up and running and Ripping and cutting

  13. MrAudio815

    THE PM2000, READY TO USE....YUPIE with Pictures for proof

    Hey Everyone, It's finally time for me to gloat after all the little problems I have had with my PM2000. It is now up and running and have cut some MDF and Cedar... MDF for the KREG router table, made a shelf and will make it a custom dust collector box with tool and router bit storage. The...
  14. Badabing

    PM2000 electrical problem

    I'm hoping to get some suggestions on how to fix this problem... I bought my PM2000 table saw in November '07 and love it. It has worked flawlessly up until this past weekend. That's when it started tripping the breaker on the circuit sometimes. The saw will come on, but sound like it is...
  15. rywilson

    Help setting up a PM2000

    I was able to follow the directions and get the saw together. However since this is my first "real" table saw I'm not sure how exact I need to get the part in-line. I put a straight edge to the table and it does not look perfect. This could be a result of the straight edge, saw-top or both...
  16. rywilson

    PM2000 now or Sawstop later?

    Looking for some opinions.... Currently I have a not so nice TS. It was a gift and has served its purpose to now but its time to move on. I've decided that I'm going to go with a TS with a riving knife. I'm in a position now to purchase a PM2000 or I could wait for an undetermined time and...
  17. MrAudio815

    Impossible? PM2000 sprocket replacement??

    Hey everyone, So I recieved the sprockets for my PM2000 today and went and leaned my saw on to it's side and went to work to try to figure out how the heck to change this sprocket. I got the chain off the sprocket and the broken sprocket off, but can't get the "lead screw" out. I don't want to...
  18. mburke911

    on CL: Brand New PowerMatic PM2000 in Greensboro

    Powermatic PM2000, 5HP 1PH Table Saw w/ 50" Accu-Fence & Rout-R-Lift. Please email me if interested.
  19. MikeL

    Seems like a sweet deal on PM2000!

    Found this on another site: Their posters said that this was valid. Worth a shot if you're in need.
  20. T

    Powermatic PM2000 "Workbench" Extension Table

    See the link below for a sneak preview of a new accessory Powermatic is going to release for the PM2000 table saw. This is VERY cool!

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