1. Grit12Gauge

    Made plans but new to woodworking and need help with joints

    I’m new to woodworking and have a novice skill set. I had an awesome idea pop in my head, so I watched YouTube and learned how to use sketch up. I made the piece but not sure if the base of this “dresser” type piece will work. HELP!!! Do these joints make sense and how should I attack this?
  2. TENdriver

    This Old House - Insider with NYW and Norm

    Has anyone tried the TOH Insider subscription? They say it will include access to the NYW catalogue of videos as well as pdf downloads of the plans. While some of Norm’s earliest projects were a little too much carpentry based...
  3. N

    Tone Box Plans

    Hey, Everybody. Still learning, but I thought I'd share a project. This is the second tongue drum/tone box I've built. Sides are 4/4 birdseye and top is Padauk, all joined with 1/2"x 1/2" rabbets and yellow glue. Half-inch birch is screwed onto the bottom to give access to tune tongues. I...
  4. woodworker2000

    Designing a Boathouse - Want to Hire a Draftsman - AutoCad/SketchUP Help

    I am looking to hire a draftsman to work with to draw up some design plans for a boathouse. I don't need structural/stamped blueprints but instead just need something with sufficient detail for me to understand the design, show my wife (very important as she is a "visual" person) and...
  5. M

    Lathe stand plans

    I saw the neat woodedn lathe stands that the club had on display at Klingspor's Extravaganza in October in Hickory. I would like to build one. How or where can I get the plans and material list?
  6. S

    Looking for plans or pictures of Shaker shawl chairs with hard seat

    I am looking for special type. NOt the ladder back style. The one I am seeking has spinal es though the seat and a curved back attached to the spindles
  7. T

    Recommendations for a comfortable rocking chair

    Hey guys, Need some recommendations - I want to build a nice rocking chair... The wife needs something nice to rock the babies in.... Unfortunately, the "Boughten" sorts are either permanently upholstered (AKA Spitup catcher) or Horribly uncomfortable... or crazy expensive. What's your...
  8. J

    Plans on the web

    I can not seem to find any decent plans for twin over full bunk beds any ideas? Thanks Dwight
  9. Crrunion

    Plans Needed

    Does anyone have plans for a wooden fly box (to keep fishing flies in) and/or a portable fly tying bench or table? Also, does anyone have a copy of "Off Season Angler" by Saindon? Thanks
  10. steviegwood

    Plans for widebelt thickness sander

    Hi Folks, does anyone have any plans for making you own wide belt sander. I am in need of a thickness sander and I have a supply of 3' & 4' belts from a local cabinet company. The belts are used but I get then and wash them up and most are like new. I would like to be able to use these belts and...
  11. MrAudio815

    Red Flyer Wagon Plans???

    Hello NCWW's, It's been a while, sorry. I am planning on building my son a Wooden Wagon with off road wheels (from Harbor Freight). Anyone build one before or have any plans for this? I want it to look something like this, just not a metal wagon. I want it to be a wooden wagon, wooden...
  12. K

    design plans

    Does anyone use a software design program to design projects to get board feet needed? I have been commissioned by the mrs. to do a new mantle w/ surround. Trying to figure out a design and board feet needed for it.
  13. JackLeg

    Toy Chest Plans

    Gonna build a toy chest/box for a neighbor's child. Anyone have any plans or know where I can see some? :dontknow: I know it's "just a box" but I work better from plans, and I'd like to make it a little different! Thanks in advance! :notworthy:
  14. drw

    Floor Clock Plans?

    My wife has asked me to build a floor clock (grandfather/mother) for my next project. That said, it is proving to be a challenge to find a plan that is not too ornate (too many spindles or spires) or to austere (too boxy). If I am reading her correctly, we are looking for something that is more...
  15. ebarr

    purchased Rockler baby cradle plans...

    this will be my first bigger furniture project in a LONG time, but something I am really looking forward to. now trying to decide what I should make it out of. Considering Walnut..but looking for any recommendations.... want to make a run tomorrow to the hardwood store or anchor hardwood...
  16. Sharp Blade

    Shaker Bench plans

    I just found these Shaker bench photos from Benchcrafted. Anyone else ever seen these? Anyone build one? I'm thinking about it. I need an upgraded bench!
  17. H

    Anyone have Popular Mechanics plans? 100th Anniversary bedroom suite

    They (Popular Mechnics) have had this 100th Anniversary set of plans on their website for years, but now it only text and a cutlist - no pictures. I am interested in the whole suite: bed, dresser and night stands. The plans were free - but of course I mistakenly thought I'd have access...
  18. JackLeg

    Bench Plans?

    Does anyone have a "standard" bench plan? What I mean is, what is the height of the seat from the floor, and the height of the top of the back? I'm modifying a Double Rocker to be a bench and need to "shrink" some dimensions I believe. I can "wing it" but hoped someone might have or know of...
  19. Mark Stewart

    Looking for plans.

    I need a thickness sander (or a drum sander) cash is low but I have seen some youtube vids on using lathe as a drum sander. I was wondering if any of you folks might have a set of plans laying arouns some where. Thanks Mark
  20. W

    Check my HVLP plans please

    My 15 year old Accuspray HVLP turbine just died so I am in the market to replace. I typically sprayed oil enamels for cabinets and oil poly for stained stuff. Tried to spray latex but I had to thin it so much I lost all gloss off the finished product. Would water borne lacquers be a...

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