1. Tom Dunn

    A few pics from friends old house...

    Friend of mine lives in a small house, built, supposedly, in the 1920's. Small or not, the cabinetmaker who built it as his home did some amazing, to me at least, things. My friend is disabled and will not be in the house much longer, it will then be sold. I took a bunch of pics while...
  2. J

    Deleting pics from the Gallery

    How do I delete selected pics from my Gallery. I just want to clean it up a bit and I have 14 screens of stuff. A lot of it is no longer needed so I'm cleaning house. Thanks Jeff
  3. CatButler

    Treadle lathe update: Making wood dizzy (now with pics)

    Where I last left off,, I had made a treadle and attached it to the crank wheel I was using to drive the shaft. Now, I have mounted the spindle and turned a wooden pulley, rounding it out in place on the spindle. I also knocked out a...
  4. G

    Floating Top Table Pics

    So, I finally got some decent pictures of a table I finished last year.:icon_thum It's a floating top table modeled after an article in Fine Woodworking #135. I made two of them and gave one to my brother and his wife for a wedding present. That one was Maple with a Sapele top and this one is...
  5. JohnW

    New Shop Progress Pics

    View image in gallery 20' x 28' Block wall on concrete foundation. View image in gallery Building up and wraped. Waiting for rough-in elec inspection early next week. When passed, will install doors, windows, siding to match the house, gutters and finish the interior. Then final inspection.
  6. Gotcha6

    Downloading pics

    I have an old Dell laptop from work that hasn't been used in years (since the 'berry took over and before). I plan to use it as a platform to display a slide show of our gallery photos at the Wood Worker Show in CLT. I tried to click & drag photos from the gallery to the flash drive I'll use...
  7. leftoflefty

    Cypress coffee table WIP pics

    So I've been working on a coffee table for my sister over the past week. After sweeping all of this up is when I decided I would be purchasing a DC system in the near future. The beer boxes are from watching the NFL playoffs in the shop because the women invaded the den.:wsmile: View...
  8. K

    Our Logosol M5 (pics :)

    I am finally posting a pic of our logosol set up and some of the wood we have milled up with it. We have the logosol M5 and us a Sthil 660 power-head. I will try to snap some better pics of some of the boards and post those as well. We just partially finished some boards about a month...
  9. B

    Build a Bear Armoire with pics

  10. Y

    shop pics

    I sure enjoy looking at all the shop pictures. I'd like to see more!!!!!! Please post more shop pics. I'll try to get mine cleaned up and post some pics soon
  11. NCTurner

    Seeking Pics of Carbatec Threading Jig

    Back in the summer I scored a bunch of woodworking tools from a yard sale. Among them some spindles from a Carbatec threading jig, but alas no jig. Does anyone have one of these? Any chance of some pics, I am hoping to fab the missing pieces. I found 1/2 pics on google, but not enough to get...
  12. Mike Davis

    Sharpening pics

    I borrowed a digital microscope from work and made a few pics this morning. This is a Klotzli chip carving knife at around 100x or so. The magnification is not real accurate on the small handheld unit. Later I may try to use one of the lab scopes for some better pics. This should give a rough...
  13. Picture21


  14. Picture11


  15. FredP

    upload pics not working

    are there site updates going on? I get server error when trying to upload pics to my gallery.:gar-Cr thee error says " server [IO] error mike davis posted the pics in a thread but I cant get them to upload to my gallery. I have not had any problems with this in recent memory. HELP!!!!!
  16. FredP

    this weeks project [updated finished pics]

    paint grade poplar. still have some plugs to cut and some sanding to do. waiting for a color....:gar-Bi
  17. Cato

    Work table completed with pics

    Well essentially done with this shop table except for bottom shelf, and possibly a small vise at one end. Top is ash and finished with Danish oil, and base is 2x6's that once re milled revealed some grain of their own. Put BLO on the base. Top measured out at 1 1/8 x 35 x 71 1/2, so enough...
  18. froglips

    [Video Update!]Klingspor Showcase 2010, the pics!

    As promised, uploaded a few pics from the show! More to come and lots of videos too! So many great pieces in the Show. Many just made your head spin. Demos were a blast! Hand planes, Worksharps, turnings and steamings. Looking forward to next year already! Here are just a few of...
  19. FredP

    where's the beef? er um pics...

    Yesterdays Klingspors gathering was a big success. I saw plenty of cameras but so far no pics..:dontknow: cough em up pholks!:rotflm:
  20. 20100829_Cabinet_Class_25


    Mike Smith's pics

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