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  6. Shamrock

    New Table Concept - "The Ballerina" Complete with pics

    Hey Everybody, Many of you have seen this in progress over the past couple of months so here's the final result. This is the 1st table of this new concept which is a variation of other 3 leg tables that I've made. The concept was to canter the legs in a bit to make it look as if it was...
  7. merrill77

    Coffee Table redux - WIP pics

    I built a prototype for this table last fall - it turned out well enough to avoid the firewood pile but it took forever to finish it. I'm now making progress on this one, which is cherry and padauk. The joinery on this table is somewhat unusual and has been fun, but challenging. This is my third...
  8. T

    Nice day in the shop today :) (PICS ADDED 1/8/12)

    It has been a long time since I had any fun in my shop. 1st, Put the finishing touches on a small activity table for the girls I started last spring. 2nd, Cleaned up a mess of sawdust (yes it was fun) See this post. 3rd, The real problem with my dust collection system is the only switch I...
  9. Mike Davis

    Finished a bowl and made two spoons (PICS)

    Maybe I'll have time to take some pics tomorrow. :rotflm:
  10. End Tables

    End Tables

    Hickory with Domino joints
  11. PO Door Banks

    PO Door Banks

  12. Granddaughter's Hope Chest

    Granddaughter's Hope Chest

  13. Puzzle Chair

    Puzzle Chair

  14. Boxes


  15. Bench w/ash top  300+ lbs

    Bench w/ash top 300+ lbs

  16. blazeman45

    New Kitchen Cabinets Started (New Pics 01/09)

    The wife asked for new cabinets and counter tops for X-mas!! My first thought was new tools to help me along and she agreed!! :banana:I bought the new Dewalt 718 and finished getting my shop set up like I wanted it!! The cabinets are birch plywood with Cherry face frames. She wanted the look...
  17. Douglas Robinson

    MAME Machine! WITH LOTS of added pics!!!!

    After only sporadic work in my shop I am back in a big way. Last week I finished a slew of pens and sent them out. Here is a picture: Since then I have been working on a MAME machine. It is a big arcade machine that emulates almost any old arcade game. I have the main carcass 90% finished...
  18. blazeman45

    New Router Table Fence (Updated Pics)

    Started the fence for my new router table I recently built. It has a sliding fence that will have replaceable inserts. I took photos as I progressed.... Would have finished but I ran out of glue for the laminate!!:BangHead: View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in...
  19. blazeman45

    Mitre Saw Station Build (Updated Pics - 11/18)

    After much thought, I went to the shop this morning and got started building my new mitre saw station... I purchased a new Dewalt 12" SCMS a couple of months ago to replace my old 12" Dewalt. I got the carcasses and tops built today and got the table for the saw installed. - The saw table is...
  20. blazeman45

    New Router Table Started (Updated PICS)

    My old router table served me well for the last 10-12 years but I wanted a new one that allowed mobility. I decided this week to get it started... I built it from Birch plywood and Poplar (I'm frugal... Wife says cheap:gar-La;) View image in gallery I wanted bit trays I could take out...

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