1. PChristy

    Newly Framed Pics

    Here are the Elephants that I finished awhile back framed I finished the Zebras and got them framed this one is framed in EC with BW corners This one is framed in BC Hope you like them - I am working on a Shar-Pei - Pics soon
  2. TracyP

    *UPDATE* Pics* Possible poplar available at a good price

    I have an opportunity to buy some poplar at a good price. Is anyone interested in any. I will probably get about 400 bf that has not been spoken for. I will buy this if there is enough interest. Mostly 4/4, some 5/4 at between 8 and 12 feet lengths. This is air dried over the last ten years...
  3. R

    Pens & Pics

    Well I finally got the pics of my first pen in my gallary:eusa_clap.Just haven't figured out how to get them to a thread yet:icon_scra:dontknow:. The way I look at it is one thing at a time:gar-La;. Feel free to Make fun if you want "I did".I know the pics arn't that good but I learning right...
  4. PChristy

    New Scroll Saw Pics

    Here is some scroll saw work I have done in the past and where the hammer took my nail off Man did this hurt:gar-Cr
  5. jack briggs

    Pics from Briggs guitar land

    Ed, Ernie, Thanks guys! I'm linking to a couple pics of recent pieces to show some of my work. Oops - got a little carried away! Cheers,
  6. T

    Shop dogs w/ PICs

    Sometimes I wonder how the Golden Retreiver or I get any work done with the Border Colie throwing wood around and trying to catch it for hours on end. :rotflm::rotflm::rotflm: Notice the Golden is giving the Collie a dirty look for interupting her work. Sandy is hard at work...
  7. T

    How to fix this mistake? w/ pics

    I was routing tonight and had to 96 chamfer cuts on tongue and grove slats with m router station. I missed on one and really tore in to piece. Giventhe location of the board it will not be visible on the project (bed foot board against the box spring. Never the less I want to repair it the best...
  8. FredP

    hall table pics

    gonna get extra for this one cause I got blood and guts in it!:rotflm: a pound of flesh outta be worth a bonus..... tis ash from jeff and is unfinished. the drawer has som finish on it the rest I'm gonna try to spray laquer on tomorrow. it was slow going today. I had most all of it cut...
  9. FredP

    walnut clock pics

    curly bookmatched steeple clock with behlens wipe on gel. this finish wasnt as easy to apply as i had hoped but it doesnt look too bad.
  10. Jon

    stop posting pics of pens and bowls please

    You people keep posting pics of bowls and pens and everytime I look I think I would love to do those. So I know you will all stop so I dont have to go buy a Lathe. :rotflm:
  11. skysharks

    Fayetteville, Lunch 06-18-08, Pics

    Ok so I am not the fastest poster upper there is.:XXcompute Sorry guys and gals:embaresse Got distracted. So here it is, no pictures didn't happen, the proof is in the pudding. Terry turnaround we're taking pictures, oops sorry. and just incase you forgot what I looked like, mmmmmm not...
  12. LeftyTom

    Jewelry Armoire, Updated Pics

    Here is the latest step in my progress. I was all ready to mount the door Sunday, but I did not like th hinges I had selected. So, off to Rockler to order some other hinges and a few other things (last day free shipping). Monday evening came around, and I had marked the wall to mount my...
  13. nelsone

    Flag Cases - Need Pics!

    This past week my wifes stepfather was called home and the service was held yesterday. It was very nicely done and the American Legion provided Honor Guard service for a man who served and loved his country. I would like some ideas for a flag case that I can present to my MIL. So, please show...
  14. ACobra289

    Few pics from recent flooring project.

    A while back the LOML and I decided to "redo" our outdated foyer. This project morphed into redoing all the upstairs flooring, doors and trim. I only have a couple of before pics. (I'm bad about not taking them before a project starts. lol) Flooring is prefinished maple from Bruce in "Sumatra"...
  15. T

    [How Do I-Main Site] Add pics to a post??

    I think I am brain dead today.. I cannot remember how to add a picture to a post. I was trying to add a post on a project I just finished, only thing I could do was get it to place a link to the file, which is on my pc..:BangHead:... Thanks!! Tony ...
  16. M

    40" Bessey K-Body Clamp Deal * UPDATE w/ Pics

    I just purchased two Bessey 40" K-Body clamps for less than $31 each :tool:on I saw the announcement on SMC and jumped on it in time to get the last one in stock.:5sigh: You can order them at this price, but you'll need to wait a few weeks. In case you weren't aware of it...
  17. Gotcha6

    Spring Picnic Pics

    Just a reminder to everyone going to the picnic charge up those camera batteries! Get your memory cards cleared off too! Us 'shut ins' that can't come gotta see some PIXELS!:gar-La;
  18. Travis Porter

    [Problem-Gallery] Can't upload pics

    Getting errors when I try to upload pictures this evening. Doesn't matter if it is multiple pics or a single pic. Error message received is: Warning: imagecreatefromjpeg() [function.imagecreatefromjpeg]: gd-jpeg, libjpeg: recoverable error: Corrupt JPEG data: 7 extraneous bytes before...

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