1. S

    Ridgid OSS: $90 N'folk C'list

  2. Martin Roper

    Ridgid OSS

    Direct Tools at the Tanger Outlets in Mebane has the remanufactured Ridgid OSS for $114 with the July 4th promotion.
  3. T

    Jet OSS gloat!

    I get to visit a lot of cool tool stores in my job travels. I was in a store in Nashville (before the flood) and they sell scratch and dent tools. I have wanted one of these for a while now and the owner cut me a really great deal being I am in the business. It is the Jet bench model OSS. I...
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  7. Mt. Gomer

    Subguy, don't miss this!! Ridgid OSS on FL CL

    Obviously not mine.... http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/tls/1640454730.html RIGID OSCILLATING BELT AND SPINDLE SANDER LIKE NEW - $100 (FT LAUDERDALE/TAMARAC) Date: 2010-03-12, 9:30AM EST Reply to: sale-pxpqb-1640454730@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] WAS USED TO SAND A FEW...
  8. A

    OSS refurb- more exposure?

    It looks like my refurbished Max OSS may get some more exposure next year (spring?) in the "Tool Nut" section of a WW magazine! :wsmile:
  9. Tarhead

    Jet OSS on CL

    These OSS don't show up very often. Mine is worth twice the space it occupies in my shop. No experience with the Osc. Edge Sander. This is not mine: http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/1365538961.html Jet Sanders - $400 (Charleston) Date: 2009-09-09, 9:49AM EDT Reply to...
  10. steviegwood

    Suggestions Needed for OSS

    Hi Y'all, I need some suggestions on what type of OSS to purchase and why. I have no experience with any of them but sure could make good use of one. Thanks in Advance. Steve
  11. Matt Schnurbusch

    OSS on Ral CL

    Not mine etc. No pictures but if it is in good shape could be a great deal. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/1151609818.html Appears that this poster is selling a lot of other stuff as well. See posts directly below this one. No pics on any.
  12. K

    OSS question

    I have manuals for tools I trashed over 20 years ago but can not find the manual for the OSS I bought from Tom not to long ago. I was hoping it would answer a question so I would not have to post it here. This is one of those that makes you feel really dumb. Is there an easy way to remove the...
  13. adowden

    Don't forget the Jet December Sweepstakes (OSS)

    I just registered for this month. I wanted to see if I could win the blanket at least :rotflm:. http://www.jettools.com/jet50/default.aspx?PromoCode=land Good Luck! Amy
  14. A

    Who has a beat-up OSS?

    Does anyone have a working, but beat-up oscillating spindle sander (OSS) they do not want? I am looking for a cheap (not HF) OSS with damage to the case and or table (I don't even need the table). However, it must have a working motor, gearbox, and spindle with minimal runout. I am going to...
  15. K

    sandign sleeves for OSS

    I seem to be operating in simple mode this morning so I will continue the trend. Now that I have an OSS, thanks to Tom, I need sanding sleeves. Went to the Klingspor site to take advantage of the discount. I was surprised to find they only go as fine as 150 grit, at least that is all I could...
  16. K

    Now that I have an OSS

    Where is the best place to buy sand paper for it. I will be using it on BS boxes to begin with. This is my after surgery, back in the shop, therapy.:icon_chee The two new master bath vanities are just going to have to sit for a while longer before I can finish them.
  17. K

    Ridgid OSS revisited

    Per DaveO the Ridgid OSS spindle is 4 1/2" tall with a stroke of 3/4". Dave wondered if this would be a problem with deeper BS boxes. Anyone made any deeper BS boxes and used the Ridgid OSS? Was the stroke not reaching all the way an issue. I feel like just flipping the box over would work...
  18. K

    Refurbished Ridgid OSS

    I have bought a couple of refurbished Dewalt items and have been very happy with them Home Depot has a refurbished Ridgid OSS online for $130, new $200. Any opinions?
  19. K

    Rigid OSS

    Looked at the specs online but could not find the length of the spidale or the lenght of travel. Help.
  20. DaveO

    OSS recomendations

    Possibly in the market for one, prolly a benchtop model. Been looking at the Rigid, Delta Boss, and the Jet benchtop. Any recommendations? Dave:-)

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