1. Trent Mason

    NCWWer mobile?

    Rob posted in this thread that there is a simplified version of the site for people with internet on their phones. I checked in the link library and didn't see anything that appeared to be that link. I also entered "iphone" in the search feature and the best I could come up with is this thread...
  2. BoringStation-sharpeningShelf2


    My mobile boring/sharpening station with the sharpening shelf extended and the sharpening supplies drawer out (my first drawer ever!)
  3. BoringStation-sharpeningShelf1


    My mobile boring/sharpening station with the sharpening shelf extended - ready to use the worksharp.
  4. BoringStation-mortiser


    My mobile boring/sharpening station with the mortiser rotated forward for use.
  5. Boring station - Drill press ready

    Boring station - Drill press ready

    My mobile boring/sharpening station with the drill press rotated forward for use.
  6. froglips

    Mobile NCWW, I'm stalled, need help...

    Yeah, I dropped this ball. In all honesty, I have no clue on what to do next. So, I'm making a call for help. We got it sort of working on the test site, but beyond whats there now, I'm sort of stuck. Would anyone be willing to volunteer to spend some time with me ironing out the...
  7. MrAudio815

    New Mobile Workshop

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to share my New Future Mobile Workshop,:icon_thum :BangHead: unless I can find a place with a garage while I am going to school. This is Cool and it stinks at the same time, It's cool cause I get to keep my toyls :banana: and it stinks because it's gonna be...
  8. merrill77

    Mobile base with 48" in/out-feed tables for 15" planer

    I finished this a few months ago, but finally got around to getting some documentation together for the project. My favorite features are: 48" in/out-feed tables that fold up and are fully adjustable to maintain alignment smaller footprint than the planer on its original base with triple...
  9. Demo of table extensions - mobile base for planer

    Demo of table extensions - mobile base for planer

    This video demonstrates extending the infeed / outfeed tables on the mobile base for my 15" planer
  10. timf67

    using mobile device for site access

    I think I have figured out how to use most of the site with my blackberry! I know others are curious so I thought I would share. In fact I am posting this from my bberry right now. I think the hardest things to do are get to your PMs and to get to the forums page. To solve the PMs...
  11. Mobile base for 15in planer

    Mobile base for 15in planer

    Mobile base for 15in planer with folding extension tables
  12. froglips

    Mobile NCWW: Text Ad's

    I don't have much in the way of a solution, but wanted to convey this to those who are responsible for our paying customers ad's. Loading the graphics is wildly unpopular on many levels. I think it'd be possible to work out a "text" ad for those like Klingspor, The Woodworking Source...
  13. froglips

    Looking for Mobile Websites.....

    While working on the upcoming NCWW Mobile version, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for sites they use on their Mobile devices/phones/blackberries etc. I don't use any mobile web stuff, so I don't have much of a feel for how this works in the real world. If you have any that...
  14. froglips

    Mobile Features discussion....

    Can't think of a good way to do this, so I'll try a Poll. I'll do a quick write up on features, and edit the poll so you can vote for choices. Feel free to debate/discuss the features, but I'll implement features based on poll results. Lots to consider I think..... Jim
  15. TracyP

    NCWW Mobile

    The recent poll I conducted received a two thirds vote among the ones that voted. With the advent of technology I feel we need to implement a mobile version of our forum. Most of the current board would not use the mobile version but the majority of our members that voted would. So, based on...
  16. Tarhead

    Free Plans for a Mobile, Foldable Cutting Table Included in this month's Festool SysNotes: Perfect for anyone not needing a fulltime Ping Pong table in their shop.
  17. TracyP

    NCWW Mobile???

    I have been asked by several of you if we were ever going to have an option for mobile phone users that would make it easier to surf NCWW on smaller size screens. I am attaching a poll to see how many people would like this option. Please vote yes, no, or it does not really matter.
  18. S

    home made lift style mobile base

  19. S

    Delta Mobile Base $50. -

    Also, free shipping! Ends 06.07 To obtain your discount, please make sure code V9764 appears in the promotion code box when you check out.
  20. T

    Mobile Base?

    I ordered a Grizzly G7315 - Super Heavy-Duty Mobile Base the other day. I checked the box for no back order. I got a note from them yesterday. It is out of stock and not expected until Sept. I need a good mobile base for a table saw before then. Please offer some ideas or advice. I am...

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