1. Bas

    Portamate mobile base at Home Depot

    The Home Depot in Cary has 12 (well, 11 now :-D) Portamate mobiles bases. They look very similar to the HTC mobile bases, Amazon has a picture. They're $29.95 - a pretty good bargain. Even if you used HF casters, you'd be hard pressed to build it for that price. Weight rating is 400lb. Don't...
  2. redhawknc1

    Delta 36-979 1-1/2 HP Contractor Saw - No Fence - Free Mobile Base - $272.91 SHIPPED

    Delta 36-979 10-Inch Left-Tilt 1-1/2 Horsepower Contractor Saw with No Fence $272.91 FREE SHIPPING Promos... Receive one HTC HTC2000 Universal Mobile Base free when you purchase 1 or more qualifying stationary power tools offered by...
  3. J

    HTC Mobile Bases-Clearanced

    HTC is having a clearance sale on some mobile bases. Prices are less than the cost of materials to build your own.
  4. Tar Heel

    $50 Biesemeyer and 3 $12 Delta mobile bases

    I cleaned out the Sanford Lowe's of their mobile bases and picked up the fence for $50. :eusa_danc:eusa_danc It was on sale for $80 but the end of the box was open. I told the guy that there might be some parts missing (don't really think any are missing but will check it out tomorrow. If so, I...
  5. S

    Delta universal mobile base: $30 @ Lowes

  6. Splinter

    Mobile Base for Drill Press

    Do any of you guys use a mobile base for your floor model drill press? If so could you post a photo and provide brand, source, costs, etc. And is the drill press stable on the mobile base? I haven't been able to get my room stretcher working, so I have got most of my power tools on a mobile...
  7. chris99z71

    Mobile base gloat

    So I'm the proud owner of a Bernhard brand, model A, serial #0001 Unisaw mobile base. I made the drive up to Bernhard's very impressive shop and house on Sunday and he was kind enough to cut the miters on his horizontal band saw and weld up the corners for me! This week I've been able to grind...
  8. sapwood

    Uniped fence and mobile base upgrade

    Alas and at last I've completed upgrading my Grizzly tablesaw with a Unifence and mobile base. Couldn't resist a few pix and comments ;-) From the front: Decided to rename it the Uniped ;-) Retained the Griz backrail to attach the extension table. This made the wing more stable and allowed me...
  9. sapwood

    Mobile Bases

    As I upgrade my tablesaw with a Unifence I've realized my old custom-crafted mobile base won't work. The Unifence comes with a laminated table extension and legs that need support. A base strong enough to support 400-500 lbs and dimensioned 20-21" x 42-43" is required. So I'm seeking comments...
  10. chris99z71

    Mobile base for $17+$7 shipping

    It's not adjustable, but I still think it's a pretty good price. Anybody already got this one? This page has it at 22.5" x 21.5".
  11. S

    HD shopfox mobile base: $25 Petersbug, VA

  12. WoodWrangler

    Looking for Mobile Whiteboard Stand Plan

    I'd like to make a mobile whiteboard (or corkboard) stand, however am having zero luck in finding a woodworking plan for one. So I figured I'd ask out here ... Do you have (or know where one could find) a woodworking plan for a mobile whiteboard stand (like the one in the image below)?
  13. Travis Porter

    Mobile CMS cabinet

    I got a request to get some info about my Compound Miter Saw cabinet so I figured I would start a new post. I am still learning Monty's "informative and well written" faq, so bear with me.;-) I got the plans for this from an issue of FWW, but to save my life, I cannot figure out which one it...
  14. Mobile Base 1

    Mobile Base 1

    Pallet scrapwood & 3/4" Plywood
  15. Mobile Base 4

    Mobile Base 4

  16. Mobile Base 5

    Mobile Base 5

    Bandsaw base is a bit tippy, but works well just the same
  17. Mobile Base 3

    Mobile Base 3

    length ensures no tipping from outfeed pressure
  18. Mobile Base 2

    Mobile Base 2

    Wheels are non-rotating
  19. b4man

    Mobile base ideas

    Does anyone have any good, inexpensive plans or ideas for making mobile bases? I need one for my band saw and jointer. I have a number of casters in different sizes and weight. I'm thinking angle iron for the rails but what about the corners?
  20. A

    Unisaw mobile base and table improvement w/many *PICS*

    Awhile ago I posted some before pics and pics of my Unisaw stripped of its tables, fence rail, and mobile base. Here is the before pic showing the old melamine table and stock Delta mobile base with step caster and rails blocking the opening under the saw: Here are the after pics: The first...

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