1. SteveCogs

    Looking for Kiln dried RO in the Charlotte Area

    I'm wondering if anyone has some 5/4 red oak available around Charlotte. I need about 6 boards 5" wide and multiple of 30" long. I also need 5 boards of 4/4 but that seems easier to find. But, they would need to be 2 @ 6" x 8' and 3 @ 5.5 -6 x 8'. Thanks for the help. Steve
  2. Truefire

    Advice on building air dried kiln for pine

    IN the not too far future I am planning on building an air drying station to dry out some yellow pine boards that will have been freshly milled. Would an air dried kiln or solar kiln work better? If the air dried method is ok, does anyone have any suggestions in regards to the amount of...
  3. Jerome B

    questions about steam and kiln drying wood

    Okay I am a little confused about how steam is involved in the kiln drying of wood. I am doing research on a cabinet shop that was active in the late 1840's. I know that they were kiln drying wood. Does this mean that they needed a source of large volumes of steam, perhaps a steam engine...
  4. M

    Kiln Dried Wood for Sale

    A representative from Mountain Sawyers (Christopher Randall) will be at the picnic on Saturday and will have some samples of wood that Mountain Sawyers has for sale in their new 10,000 SF shop and office space in Fletcher (about 5 miles from the picninc site on US 25). I've seen the wood and...
  5. jonnyfontaine

    has anyone built a small kiln

    hi i have a slab of really nice curly redwood that i was gonna cut into billets to be used in building a guitar, and as soon as i cut the wood i noticed that the center was soaking wet, i was told the wood had air dried for several years but i guess it wasn't so true... so now i want to try to...
  6. willarda

    Local kiln services needed

    I have some quartersawn beech (4" X 4" by 60"), about 100 billets, which I intend to use as planemaking blanks. The wood was bandsawn about 6 weeks ago, stacked (about 50% open spacing) and covered. I have been monitoring the drying process (the stack is set up so that I can pull out a billet...
  7. JackLeg

    Solar Kiln Update-It's Out!

    Took the first charge of 7/4 cypress from my solar kiln yesterday. Exactly 31 days after loading, most of the stack is in the 17-20% MC range. We figure we can use that and that it will continue to dry some in a covered environment. There was NO appreciable checking, warping, or bowing...
  8. The WoodButcher

    Found A Kiln

    Hi Everybody, it's been awhile. All this time I've been gonna build a solor kiln. I just went for a little ride just to get away from the house and wasn't gone 3 minutes and I spotted something in a field accross the street, looked like a solor kiln :eek:. Well I drove up to it and sure enough...
  9. Truefire

    'Make do' homemade kiln questions

    Hey fellows in the not too distant future i will be attempting to dry some rough cut lumber from a red oak as well as a pecan tree. I want to know the best method and means to make a reasonably cheaper method in which to dry this lumber. I do have a 7-8'x 17' portion of a concrete slab that...
  10. JackLeg

    Lumber Drying-Solar Kiln Seminar

    Attending this seminar at VT. Took me about 1 hour this morning to realize how very little I know about lumber, drying, make up, etc. These instructors are excellent! :eusa_clap So far, we've learned about different species and their make up, total MC of different woods, (can you believe...
  11. JackLeg

    Solar Kiln Too!

    Well, since I think I have the pic posting figured out, here's a couple more shots of the front and roof. This is the "south" wall and also the roof. This is where the polycarbonate clear panes will be placed. And this is the back or "north" wall. This is where the 6 X 6 doors...
  12. JackLeg

    Solar Kiln FrameUp!

    Couple of my friends came down yesterday and we got my kiln framed up. I had built the end and front walls and the floor system as "units" so we picked up the entire mess with my tractor and moved it out to the site. Got her situated in a "southerly" direction, and proceeded to raise the...
  13. N

    Steam dried or Kiln dried

    What is the differance in steam dried and kiln dried wood. Can the both be used in the same project with good results.
  14. JackLeg

    Solar Kiln & Drying Seminar

    For those who might be interested, VT is conducting a Solar Kiln and Lumber Drying seminar on April 24th & 25th at the Courtyard in Blacksburg, VA. You can register online at the Virginia Tech website. Cost is $125 and include lunches and snacks, as well as all materials. Dr. Brian Bond is the...
  15. M

    Kiln Drying

    First time poster here...thanks in advance for your help. I am looking for a company that would kiln dry approximately 3,000 - 5,000 BF of lumber for me per month. Are there facilites like this out there that will dry lumber for third parties? I am preferably looking for something in the...
  16. JackLeg

    Solar Kiln Seminar

    Just an FYI for those who may have interest, VaTech is planning a Solar Kiln Construction and Operation seminar for April 24 & 25 this year. It's to be held in Blacksburg, VA. I wrote Dr. Brian Bond at VT and he let me know the dates. They are still to determine the location. I plan to...
  17. JackLeg

    Solar Kiln Progress

    Thought I'd post a couple pics of WIP on my solar kiln. So, here they are: Floor assembly & front wall End Walls Progress is slow, but steady. The floor is insulated to R-11, per VT's "plans." Their plans are pretty much just some sketches of the pieces needed to build a kiln, not...
  18. JackLeg

    Solar Kiln Assistance

    Anyone know where I can find the roofing material for the solar kiln I am building? Polycarbonate panels seem to be the material of choice for greenhouse applications, but MAN that stuff is expensive!!!:crybaby2: I'm also open to other suggestions (come on Scott, I know you can offer...
  19. M

    Wood Kiln solar

    I am looking for info on solar wood kilns to use on my sawmill to dry about 1500 to 2000 bdft a load .If you have any info it would be helpfull. Thank you Mike Moore
  20. scsmith42

    Need any boards kiln dried???

    Hi all. As most of the picnic attendees know, I have a commercial wood drying kiln (dehumidification type) that I have used for the past several years. It is a good sized kiln, and depending upon the species I dry up to 4000 bd feet per load. During the past few weeks I have received calls...

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