1. C

    Handsaw Skills with Richard Moore

    Handsaw Skills Instructor: Richard Moore Date: Sunday, May 26 Time: 10am-5pm Class Fee: $84 Materials: $10 Skill: All, Age: 18+ Handsaws: their use and abuse. In conjunction with the handsaw sharpening workshop, handsaws their use and abuse is an important part of improving your hand tool...
  2. C

    Handsaw Sharpening with Richard Moore

    Handsaw Sharpening Instructor: Richard Moore Date: Saturday, May 25 Time: 9am-6pm Class Fee: $112 Materials: No Fee Skill: All, Age: 18+ Sharpening a handsaw is a necessary skill for anyone interested in hand tool woodworking. Why send it off to someone and have to wait when you can just do it...
  3. Graywolf

    interest in a hand saw sharpening workshop

    Durning the picnic it was expressed to me that there was some interest in a hand saw sharpening workshop. I would like to offer this workshop up for anyone who would like to be able maintain their handsaws and not have to send them off. In this workshop we will sharpen one rip saw, one crosscut...
  4. Log to marking gauge

    Log to marking gauge

    A brief progression of a red oak log turned into a marking gauge. Manual sawing of a small 3"x3"x18" block rough hewn by hatchet from a pretty well bug infested log. Tough work, but I\'m surprised it went as smoothly as it did after learning to sharpen and wax the saw.
  5. kooshball

    Disston D8 handsaw sharpening in Raleigh?

    I just picked up a decent Disston D8 from EBay that just needs some sharpening. I am in apex / Raleigh and prefer to deal locally if a suitable option exists. Any suggestions? Thx
  6. P

    florsent lighting for a handsaw vice

    Does anyone have any suggesions related to where I could purchase a good circular florescent light for my acme handsaw vice?
  7. kooshball

    handsaw storage

    I am looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to store some handsaws (mostly backsaws). Please show me what you have built so I can get some ideas... Thanks
  8. crokett

    Sharpening A Handsaw

    I have 2 handsaws, a Disston and a Ridgid. I want to refile the Ridgid to rip and sharpen the Disston. This write-up makes it seem pretty straight forward, although I will have to make a wood jaw set for my bench vise and I need to find a source for the files. Is there anything else I need or...
  9. willarda

    Handsaw Sharpening

    I will be offering my services to sharpen and/or recondition handaws. If you have handsaws that need sharpening, please check out the link to my file in the download library: http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=315
  10. G

    Handsaw storage ideas?

    I have a new handsaw on order and don't have decent handsaw storage in my garage. It currently consists of various nails wherever there was a little free space. I would appreciate some ideas on handsaw storage. If your idea happens to include planes - even better. Thanks, Geoff
  11. froglips

    Bacho Handsaw system.....

    While randomly abusing the internet, I tripped over this and feel as if I hit my head on the low hanging fruit of clever. The gist? A cam locking handle with interchangeable blades. http://www.bahco.com/FH/mc_blades.html Here is their 16 page PDF brocure...
  12. willarda

    Handsaw Sharpening and Techniques Workshop

    I currently have openings for my Handsaw Sharpening and Techniques workshop, which will be on Sunday, March 7. We will cover a lot of basic information on handsaws and their history, also what to look for when purchasing a saw at the flea market for example, how to refubish saws, We will sharpen...
  13. rick7938

    Sandvik Handsaw Sharpening

    I have a Sandvik handsaw with "combination crosscut and rip teeth." It has been a great saw for the past 20 years, but badly needs sharpening. Although it was a high quality saw when I bought it, I don't know if it is economical or even possible to sharpen it with those combo teeth. Any...
  14. steviegwood

    Handsaw Deal

    Hi Y'all, well I went shopping with the LOML today. I needed a new handsaw and found a 20" Kobalt with a comfort grip for $12. Which I didn't think was a bad deal and then we went to Ollie's and I found a two pack of Irwin 20" saws with a toboggan in the pack for $9.99 plus tax. Well I have...
  15. froglips

    Lie-Nielsen Handsaw Sharpening video....

    While working hard (ok, meandering around the internet), I stumbled upon some really good Youtube videos in the Lie-Nielsen channel. These three pertain to handsaw sharpening :-) Saws Part 1: Techniques and Sharpening a Rip Saw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orPgaoF31ZQ Saws Part 2...
  16. froglips

    New Handsaw Blog, Mike Wenzloff

    For those on the CUTTING edge of handtool life, I just SAW this and had to RIP off a post to everyone. http://wenzloffandsons.com/wordpress/ Jim
  17. jarrett

    Practice handsaw cuts

    For those of you that didn't see my earlier thread: http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/f30/starting-out-hand-saws-21815/ I'm new to handsawing, and after reading some advice and reviews, I ended up getting the Veritas Dovetail saw. I don't really have a reference point to compare it except for...
  18. froglips

    Learn to Handsaw......

    In a of hijack of JeromeB's thread on Neanderthal gathering, I'd like to start a brain storming thread on learning to handsaw. In my mind, how does this sound: 1. Using this site, help those interested in finding, selecting a saw, files, vise and sawset. Help everyone get a baseline. 2. Have...
  19. D

    Fine handsaw bargains

    Thanks to a posting by Mark Singer over at Sawmill Creek, I just received several handsaws from N Scale Supply. They are great and more importantly, Cheap! If you hand cut dovetails or just need a sturdy, fine-toothed handsaw, check these out: http://www.nscalesupply.com/zon/ZON-Saws.html
  20. Handsaw2


    55 minutes elapsed time

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