1. B

    Brain Game: Spot the difference in two pictures

    This is a piece of wood I bought for $0.25 at Habitat for Humanity a few months ago. I don't see much difference between it and the other picture..... the only thing is the crack extending from the occipital lobe through the boundary between the parietal and temporal lobes... Edit: for...
  2. mkepke

    How much difference will ridge vents make ?

    Carrying on from my other thread about roofers, I thought to ask one of the companies about cutting in ridge-vents. It would be an incremental $250 all-in (labor, materials) to put ridge vents on my circa 1998 <3000 sq ft house. Worst room in the house for heat loading is the bonus room, of...
  3. drw

    New Saw Blade...it made a difference!

    In a recent issue of Wood, there is an article entitled "6 Methods to Maximize Your Mitersaw." While I had been reasonably satisfied with quality of cut produced by my saw (DeWalt 718), I knew there was room for improvement. That said, one of the blades recommended in the Wood article was a...
  4. michaelgarner

    Same Tool? Why such a cost difference?

    Looking to ger a good Yankee screwdriver just to have one and came acrost these two. Seems to me they are from the same company. One you just pay a little more becouse of who its from...
  5. danmart77

    Some figured wood makes all the difference

    View image in gallery If you find the right sawyer, the little extra you pay for the special wood can make all the difference in the final outcome. When you figure a project with 200 hours to complete and the cost of boards even at 10/bf it just isn't that much in the end. If it sits in...
  6. mbeach

    Difference in DNA and Rubbing Alcohol

    What is the difference? I dont have any DNA right now, havent gone to get any, but I do have rubbing alcohol. I am needing it to use between sanding and CA glue for pens. Just curious if I could use rubbing alcohol or not. Thanks Mike
  7. S

    Clean tools make all the difference.

    I was watching some woodturning videos online today and noticed how their chuck jaws just slid in and out with ease. So i thought "why doesnt mine do that:eusa_thin". I went out to the shop and after thorough investigation i discovered that the problem was there was dust in between the chuck...
  8. C

    what a difference a blade makes!

    Had to say it. LOML and I picked up some cedar CSkipper expressed from Newtowood for us. Sheever so kindly gave us some scrollblades while we were there. WOW! imagine the difference you see when putting in a fresh blade after a dull one. Now imagine about 4 times the difference. The 'cheap' one...
  9. JackLeg

    What a difference a belt makes!

    I "upgraded" my PM Artisan today by replacing the worn V belt with a new PowerTwist link belt. WOW! What a difference! Smoother, quieter! Should have done that long ago. :icon_thum Got the belt at Industrial Supply in Albemarle for $5.95/ft, which seemed OK to me based on pricing on some...
  10. W

    What's the difference??

    Can someone please tell me if there is any difference in the Grizzly Band Saw Model G0580 and the Delta Model 28-279 from Lowe's? Both are 14" band saws and look as if they are made by the same company. I know the Delta has a quick blade release, does the Grizzly? Any advantages of one over...
  11. cpw

    JPS-10 vs. JPS-30: What's the difference?

    Can anyone tell me what the functional difference between the 10 and the 30 is?
  12. Jon

    WOW what a difference. (Delta Planer)

    Before Christmas I bought some 8/4 hard maple and some 8/4 Purple Heart. They were both about 6 inches wide and 12 feet long. I cut them in half and then cut them down to 18 inch lengths and made a few cutting boards for family and sold 3. It took me about 6 hours to Run it all on the...
  13. Tar Heel

    What a difference 3 years makes

    I made this cherry cradle 3 years ago for my granddaughter. I used a very light coat of Pa. cherry stain (yeah, yeah, I know, that's a no-no). The picture with the light finish was taken in Sept 2003 after that stain was applied and the one showing the darker finish was taken two weeks ago. The...
  14. cloudancer

    Is there a difference between bessy 24 and 25" clamps (or 48/50")?

    This post: http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/showthread.php?t=235 inspired me to wonder if its just silly marketing folks or if there is actually a difference?

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