1. K

    Dog "Platform" Needed

    Hello All, I hope I am posting in the right spot. Please forgive (and redirect) me if I am not... I am a budding photographer (hoping to specialize in Pet/Animal pics). There is an event that I would like to attend in mid April where there will be dozens of dogs. I would like to rent a booth...
  2. wdkits1

    Newest Commission

    Hi everyone As most of you know, last year I decided to try something new and set up a page on CustomMade .com. Although I have gotten a few small commissions from this, I wondered if it was worth the cost to continue. Well it has paid off with my best commission yet, so it looks like I...
  3. Kyle

    19th Century Sea Chest reproduction commission

    This is a finished 19th design Sea Chest made for a client that was out of solid 17" wide curly spalted maple wood, uses copper rosehead nails, hand made becket's for handles and a cedar bottom. Locking mechanism was tricky and used a half mortise German made lock. The dovetails are assembled on...
  4. HMH

    Commission Offer: Custom Window Project

    My boss lives in a 1930's colonial in the historic district of Sanford, NC. He is wanting to replace a few windows which have been damaged over the years. Due to repairs/ additions to his home requiring approval by the historic committee, these windows need to be wooden to match the rest of...
  5. sawduster

    Recent commission

    Quite a while back I did a portrait for one of our members to commemorate someone dear to them for a very special achievement in their life. Recently the recipient of that piece contacted me in order to surprise someone who was instrumental in helping make that happen and holds a special place...
  6. sawduster

    commission for co-worker

    my co-worker's wife had a dog who was an agility champion and the dog passed this past year. He wanted to do something special for Christmas for her and this is what we came up with Original picture : View image in gallery finished product : View image in gallery He hasn't seen it yet...
  7. Finished Glass Display Cabinet

    Finished Glass Display Cabinet

    Corner cabinet with two tempered glass sides and two shelves. Glass on left is the door, with lock. Case is fitted with two 16'' strips of LED lights on a dimmer.
  8. Catalog Stand in Use

    Catalog Stand in Use

    Less than an hour after delivery, the client has begun to put it to use!
  9. Finished Catalog Stand

    Finished Catalog Stand

    Catalog Stand installed at EDU Sports -- Finish has two coats of satin polyurethane
  10. Glass Display Cabinet

    Glass Display Cabinet

    After the Honey Amber dye has dried, I applied the first of two liberal coats of Dark Walnut Watco Danish Oil. A second coat was added and wiped after full penetration into the wood. This finish really make the grain show through very well -- it is a good combination for quartersawn oaks.
  11. Glass Display Cabinet

    Glass Display Cabinet

    Red Oak cabinet parts in the finishing phase. First, each piece gets a coat of Transtint Honey Amber Dye. Catalog Cabinet side is to the right.
  12. wdkits1

    Hummingbird Box Commission

    Hi Everyone Got a call from a client in California yesterday that saw my website and asked if I could do a hummingbird box for him to give to his wife for her birthday which is next week. I said that I do commission work but usually require at least 30 days notice. He said that he would be...
  13. wdkits1

    Another Strange commission

    When you do custom woodworking you sometimes get asked to do some pretty strange things, which makes it kinda exciting. I was asked by a client if I did any carving. He explained that he had put up a mirror over his bar and was afraid that it was a little top heavy and probably needed extra...
  14. scsmith42

    Is anybody in the Charlotte area looking for a commission?

    A friend of mine in Albemarle is looking for someone to build him a built-in desk / filing cabinet system for his house. Nothing overly fancy, just good solid craftsmanship and materials. His budget is probably around 2K - 2,500. If anybody is interested, please send me a PM and I'll put...
  15. Larry Rose

    New Commission

    I recenty had a visit from my son (SANDY) and DIL. They asked gave me some plans for a piece they want me to make. It's a crib. Do you think they're trying to tell me we're going to start a fourth generation of sawdust makers? CONGRATS SANDY AND NICOLE :eusa_danc
  16. christopheralan

    Commission for a friend...

    He was looking for a V-day gift, so he came to me. Six hours later... He loved it.
  17. Glennbear

    costly commission

    A while back I spoke to the owner of my barber shop and we made a deal that I would make name plaques for him and the other barber to hang in the shop in return for putting my name visible on the face. The theory being that a small town barber shop is kind of a gathering place and I could use...
  18. T

    Cabinet commission **FINISHED* (UPDATED)

    This kitchen cabinet is a commission piece. It is an odd sized piece to fit in an area to maximize space. It is going right next to a refrigerator and against a wall. The basic dimensions are 66"h x 27"d x 14"w. It will be sprayed a satin white. The materials are MDF, poplar and tempered...
  19. welldigger

    Help: Tablesaw out of commission

    I set up my Ridgid table saw with my Freud stacked dado head today and a shim got stuck in the arbor thread and ruined the threads on my arbor. Has anybody ever replaced the arbor on a Ridgid TS? Is it hard to replace? Can I just put a washer between the nut and the arbor flange?
  20. M

    Dining Room Commission Project

    I have been very busy this Spring with a significant commissioned project; a set of built-in cabinets for a dining room. The room has a large four foot by six foot bay window centered on the ten foot wide end wall. The client wanted storage for her china and serving pieces, flatware, place mats...

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