1. C

    Free Cedar

    Big cedar fell during Hurricane Irene. It is cut in three 8 ft sections, approx. 1 ft in diameter. I have lots of smaller pieces also plus the trunk of the tree. Some small black walnut and mimosa also. Free if picked up. Will make some beautiful cedar boxes, chests etc. Tarboro, NC area.
  2. buildintechie

    Cedar Logs

    Hey all- I have some cedar logs from a tree I cut down this past week...I don't have the means to mill them, so I'm offering them to somebody who does. I've got a nice long log, and a couple smaller ones, plus the stump. As you can see from the picture, they're a very pretty heart. I'm...
  3. D

    rustic cedar spice rack

    Good Morning all you fellow sawdust makers! My son is big into cooking, and said he wanted a spice rack that could free stand (he rents) but could someday be put on the wall (after he buys a home). He wanted the bottles to have quick access and wanted the bottles horizontal. I decided to go...
  4. Nelson

    Cedar Log free to a good home

    Cut today. 16" to 18" in diameter at base. 56" circumference. 40' in length to where the top was lost in an ice storm. It is still probably 6 to 8" in diameter at the top. Nice & straight. There is some rot in the center at the base (see picture), but I haven't cut on up to see where...
  5. DSCF4903


  6. DSCF4902


  7. JayMerritt

    Aromatic Red Cedar near Wilmington, NC?

    Does anyone have a source for Aromatic Red Cedar near Wilmington, NC? thanks, Jay
  8. DSC_5992


    On the porch to hold my coffee cup!
  9. DSC_5991


    Modified by adding 2 cross braces held in by pocket hole screws instead of one dowel.
  10. DSC_5990


    Finished table inspired by magazine article.
  11. DSC_5989


    Finished table inspired by magazine article.
  12. DSC_5988


    Folding wings
  13. DSC_5987


    Finished table inspired by magazine article.
  14. adowden

    Rustic Cedar Bench - Finished!

    This was a neat project. A dead cedar tree fell in my neighbor's yard this spring. The wife called me up and told me that if her husband offered the tree to me, for me to accept it and make him a bench for his birthday as a surprise. He called and offered me the tree, so I accepted and picked it...
  15. adowden

    Finishing cedar outdoor bench

    I am making a rustic eastern red cedar half log style bench for my neighbor. She doesn't want the natural look, so I am trying Marine spar varnish. The bench is a half log for the seat and a half log for the back. The cut surfaces have been sanded to 180. Can I only finish the cut surfaces to...
  16. AmishWarlord

    Cedar plywood

    Anyone know a source for cedar plywood near Charlotte? Looking for 2, 1/4"X4'X8' panels
  17. R

    looking for small pine or cedar logs

    I'm looking for relatively thin pine or cedar logs (raw, not milled), to make at least one kiva (wood log) ladder, (for example, see http://www.grandriverdoor.com/grs/kivaLadders.aspx) and some drum stands. I'll need eight foot logs at about 3 1/2 or 4 inches diameter for posts, and a little...
  18. rex1927

    Need eastern red cedar supplier in S.C.

    HI,I need a supplier of eastern red cedar in coastal south carolina. I stay in myrtle beach S.C. area. I need at least 20-1X6X8 now. Will buy a lot more if price is good. I can plane lumber myself if you just rough cut it,just need it to be thick enough that it will clear up at 3/4 or 5/8 inch...
  19. BKind2Anmls

    Cedar "Logs", Now What?

    One of my clients cut down a great big cedar and saved a couple of chunks of wood for me thinking I could do something with it. I have sliced up many small logs with my band saw for boxes, etc., but I have no idea what to do with this. Is it useful for something besides firewood? I love small...
  20. 4barnwood

    Storm Damaged Cedar want be going to waste.

    I had the Cedar cut at a band saw mill then sanded and hand rubbed Linseed Oil.

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