1. Cedar arbor/pergola

    Cedar arbor/pergola

    Thanks to all the folks on this forum for the great advice in helping building this. Three weekends later, it\'s finally complete!
  2. W

    Mother's Day Build

    My brother and I have talked about building some outdoor furniture for mother's day, and well... time is almost up. I know the basic design I would like to build, but I have some questions regarding the materials and finishing. The items will be designed to sit on their front porch, which will...
  3. Cedar end grain bowl

    Cedar end grain bowl

    This was an experiment. Cedar end grain bowl turned.
  4. G

    Howdy fellow saw dust creators!

    I humbly introduce myself to all that were here before me. My name is James, and I make flutes full time plus. It is a labor of love that I am very thankful for the opportunity to do. My business is gray fox flutes, if ever someone out there is curious, has advice, or a question, I love to talk...
  5. Sam Knight

    2nd attempt at a goblet

    Here is the 2nd goblet I've made to date. It was turned from an old piece of cedar given to me by a friend. An inclusion in the base was left in it due to the shape of the log. Thought about cutting it off and turning a separate piece then gluing them together but the wife said she liked it...
  6. SOFsawmill

    Sawmill in Durham

    Hi Everyone, I’m a sawyer in Durham County. I enjoy milling lumber on my portable sawmill and I have been learning the art of being a sawyer for a couple years now. I enjoy the challenges each log brings and the satisfaction from making unique and usable lumber. I am a portable sawmill...
  7. 1st Hope Chest (2)

    1st Hope Chest (2)

    The cedar lining was challenging and I thought it would be the easiest part, huge lesson learned.
  8. Aromatic red cedar - platter

    Aromatic red cedar - platter

    Aromatic red cedar - platter
  9. D

    Looking for cedar

    I'm looking for some Western red and Atlantic white cedar to build a kayak. Anyone looking to unload some or know where I can get some cheap in the Raleigh area? I'm certainly willing to travel some if the price is right.
  10. Eastern Red Cedar Adirondack Chair

    Eastern Red Cedar Adirondack Chair

    My first Adirondack Chair made out of Eastern Red Cedar
  11. Timmy

    Cedar sewing box

    This is a cedar sewing box I've been working on. Hand cut dovetails. Steam bent handle. Slide in lid. Overall size is 9"x11"x5". For more pictures of the build click here.
  12. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

  13. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

  14. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

    I varied from the plans on this one by inverting the curve on the back - the original one I built per the plans had rounded shoulders and it looked more slumpy to me...
  15. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

    Just finished this swing for my parents. This is my second build of this design - first was for my wife and has been in use for about 10 years. The second one got some design/hardware upgrades and I think it turned out pretty well. The plans are here...
  16. S

    Anyone interested in Atlantic Cedar/Juniper STK 4", 6", 8" and 10"

    I have some extra Atlantic Cedar and was looking to see if anyone was interested in it. I have 4", 6", 8" and 10". Thanks.
  17. N

    Cedar, Walnut, Poplar - Best reasonable offer -Concord (need gone)

  18. Cedar Blanket Chest

    Cedar Blanket Chest

    This is a red cedar blanket chest that i'm finishing up. The heart is actually the locking mechanism. It is attached to a dowel which pins the top down when the heart is installed.
  19. Cedar and Walnut end table

    Cedar and Walnut end table

    This is an end table made of cedar with walnut strips added throughout.
  20. J

    Wanted to sell or trade: 36" red cedar door, upper half window

    Hi, all! Anyone interested in a 36" wide cedar door? The upper half is a window. What I'm looking for is some pretty wood to make a couple of smallish instrument cases, preferably 1/4 QS. That said, I wouldn't turn down quatersawn 10" W poplar. Otherwise, make me an offer.

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