1. eyekode

    PE request: Winston-Salem to Apex area

    I would like to buy Jay Brewer's cyclone and ducting but can't fit it all in my Rodeo. Anyone heading that way with a big vehicle/truck? I am pretty flexible on date (not sure if Jay is though :). Thanks! Salem
  2. S

    PE request: Atlanta, GA area to NC

  3. Mike Camp

    Sheets of Formica and/or Plastic Laminate in the Triangle Area

    Does anyone know of a cheap spot to get horizontal grade laminate (1/16" thick) in or around the triangle? The BORG has it for $55 (a little on the high side for my taste) a full sheet and I really don't need whole sheets (4' x 8'), partial sheets of at 30" in one dimension would probably work...
  4. S

    New to the area...

    At least our company is! Anchor Hardwoods & Cape Fear Riverwood is located at 6716 Old Wake Forest Road, Raleigh NC 27616. (We also have a store in Wilmington, NC) We are finally settled into our new "home" and traffic is not up to par just yet. We need your help!!! Anyone who has done...
  5. Mark Gottesman

    Looking for Input: Thinking about enclosing area under screen porch/deck

    I want to use my garage for a shop and the wife would like to get her car in there. So, I need another place to store the lawn equipment, extra propane tanks, garden supplies etc. I thought about building a shed and have not entirely discarded that idea. However, there is a 2nd story screened...
  6. J

    Looking for someone in the Charlotte/Concord area

    Hey Guys, I may be in the process of purchasing a used Cyclone and the person I am buying it from can possibly get it to Charlotte/Concord area during the week. I'm not able to get back down there until Sat/Sun. So I really just need someone who would be willing to hold on to it for a few...
  7. Shamrock

    2nd AnnualCharlotte area Xmas Demo-interest?

    Revised Update 12/10 (18 members and counting) Looks like we are on for Tues the 20th 6 pm - till? (probably till the shine runs out) Chime in and let me know and we'll compile a list of those that can make it Here's the growing list for the 20th so far: Mike (me) Pete M Kevin Matt Phil...
  8. KenOfCary

    Looking for Sassafras near RTP area

    Anyone seen any for sale around here? Looking for turning or carving blanks. - Ken.
  9. bluthart

    4/4 Ash $1.50BF - Charlotte area

    I have 243 BF of kiln dried 4/4 ash for sale. $1.50/BF or will sell all for $350.00. Lengths are 61" and widths 4" to 12". I NEED TO GET IT OUT OF MY SHOP. Available ASAP.
  10. bluthart

    5/4 Red Oak $1.75 BF - Charlotte

    I have at least 200 BF of beautiful kiln dried 5/4 red oak in 61" lengths. Very flat, straight and clear. Widths from 5" to 11". I am asking $1.75/BF but will discount the whole 200 BF for $300.00.
  11. Shamrock

    Carpool for Charlotte Area to Shop Crawl?

    Any members going to the upcoming Shop Crawl from Charlotte and surrounding areas? Who wants to carpool?
  12. D

    Wood transport from Asheville to Raleigh area?

    I'm looking for someone to haul a good-sized load of lumber from Asheville to Raleigh. This is a heavy load (5000+ lbs). Any truckers out there? Or can you recommend someone I can contact?
  13. bobby g

    Triangle Area Basic Relief Carving Class Scheduled - UPDATE

    The class is now full. Basic Relief Carving Class I’m going to host the Triangle Area Basic Relief Carving class to be taught by Stave (Mark Strom) that was discussed last week in another thread. Mark and I have settled on...
  14. blazeman45

    PE from Fayteville Area to Greensboro

    I bought the clamps listed on here by Geoff (Bigdog72). He works in Fayetville area and I live just south of Greensboro. Was curious if anyone is heading up this way in the next week. If so, a PE would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all!! Steve
  15. Shamrock

    Charlotte Area Get Together/Finishing the Finish workshop

    Hey all Charlotte area NCWW's, Details PM'd to all those who showed interest. PM directly with any further questions. Thanks all Ok all, here's who we have so far (L = lunch -starts at 12:30 Sonny's BBQ on Tyvola Rd. D = demo at Shamrock's) Pete M -- L + D neslone -- L + D tarhead -- L + D...
  16. S

    CNC routing in the Charlotte/Pineville area?

    Hi all. Looking for reasonably priced CNC routing in the Charlotte/Pineville area. Hoping to begin a project building a new set of speakers, and am in need of someone to perform the cutouts for the internal bracing, as well as the main baffle (which would have some recesses cut as well to...
  17. KenOfCary

    Another Beginner Carving Class in RTP area?

    The folks that took the recent beginning carving class that Stave taught seemed very pleased with the experience. I'm sorry that I missed out. I've been conversing with Stave in PM about holding another beginning carving class in the RTP area. Is anyone else, besides myself interested. We'd...
  18. F

    Brass plate around the Hickory area

    I am looking for a source for 1/8" brass plate in western NC; google has not helped me :evil: I'm assuming 1/8" is what i need, it would be for small parts on various jigs and whatnot.
  19. Scott Kuykendall

    Hardwood Source Charlotte to Spartanburg Area

    I was wondering if any one knows of some where that sells small Qty of hardwood between Charlotte Airport and Spartanburg. I have to take the Family to the airport Thur and need a a about 10 bf of 5/4 Ash and didn't know if there is a place along my route. I e-mailed Advantage Lumber in Grover...
  20. W

    To all HF lathe Owners in the Charlotte Area

    My MIL's husband lives in Charlotte and has a HF lathe. He took it apart to repair it ,something broke , and he cannot remember how to reassemble it.He has the parts to finish it and I was wondering if there was anybody in the Charlotte area that has the lathe and could lend a helping hand. If...

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