Sheets of Formica and/or Plastic Laminate in the Triangle Area

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Mike Camp

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Does anyone know of a cheap spot to get horizontal grade laminate (1/16" thick) in or around the triangle? The BORG has it for $55 (a little on the high side for my taste) a full sheet and I really don't need whole sheets (4' x 8'), partial sheets of at 30" in one dimension would probably work as well. My searches tell me the Restore is a good place to start, but I was wondering if you all had any lying around or new of any other spots.

Dean Maiorano

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Yes, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a good place to start. They take in all manner of stuff - from inventory purges and job site leftovers to decent quality salvaged counter tops - somewhere in that mix should be something you can use.


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I've got some sheets of left-overs probably a little more than half sheets. One is white and the other is black with a brown marble-y look. PM if interested. I'd let em go for cheap. 10-20 bucks depending on how nice they look when I pull them from behind all that plywood, etc.

I looked closer today and I have 2 pieces as described above that are about 4' x 5' or so. I bought them a couple years ago at the borg.

- Ken.
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