1. eyekode

    PE request: Winston-Salem to Apex area

    I would like to buy Jay Brewer's cyclone and ducting but can't fit it all in my Rodeo. Anyone heading that way with a big vehicle/truck? I am pretty flexible on date (not sure if Jay is though :). Thanks! Salem
  2. Mark Gottesman

    Found: Apex to Winston-Salem or G'boro

    eyekode in apex had a used BS blade I want for a project. If anyone could pick it up and get it towards Winston-Salem, I would appreciate it. Can meet out on 40 as far west as Greensboro. thanks M
  3. ACobra289

    Need roofer recommendation in Winston-Salem area

    Hello all. Mark's thread reminded me that my roof is nearing the end of its life and I need to start looking for someone to replace it within the next year or so. Can anyone recommend a roofer in the Winston area? Thanks! Bill
  4. S

    Jet Bandsaw - $450 (Winston-Salem)

    not mine Jet Bandsaw - $450 (Winston-Salem) Date: 2011-03-16, 6:25PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Jet 14" band saw for wood , with fence and miter guage like new condition . $...
  5. S

    Fein Turbo II Vacuum (Used - Excellent Condition) - $225 (Winston-Salem, NC)

    NOt mine Fein Turbo II Vacuum (Used - Excellent Condition) - $225 (Winston-Salem, NC) Date: 2011-03-02, 6:07PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] The Fein 9-55-13 Turbo II Vacuum...
  6. Mark Gottesman

    Free Church pews Winston-Salem CL

    Not mine, just saw this. Could be good salvage/recycle. Free Church Pews (Winston-Salem) Date: 2011-01-19, 5:48PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have 20 church pews that are 12'2"...
  7. S

    Festool Router/ Systainer OF 1010 EQ - $275 (Winston-Salem)

    Not mine, called a couple of days ago, still for sale 1 1/2 hp ver. 1/4 and 8mm only router bits accepted (collett sizes). 8mm Metric vs Imperial Festool Router/ Systainer OF 1010 EQ - $275 (Winston-Salem) Date: 2010-11-25, 11:00AM EST Reply to:
  8. Mark Gottesman

    Looking for Brass strip in Winston-Salem for a Banjo

    I have a need for a strip of brass for a Banjo Tension hoop. Would like to find it locally if possible since I don't know who sells small order things like this. I can get it from Graingers. Needs to 3/16" thick x 1/2" tall x 36" long. Needs to be soft or half hard anneal as I will need to...
  9. flatheadfisher

    Good Deals - Winston-Salem CL

    Not mine. Dewalt 735 - Dust Collector - There are more from the same person but the above two looked like the best deals.
  10. pslamp32

    PE request from Winston-Salem to Asheville...

    I'd love to buy Jay Brewer's Festool plunge saw and MFT. Wonderin' if anyone is headid' this way from his way? Happy to pitch in some gas money or perhaps Zambra gift certificates for your trouble. Thanks!
  11. J

    Winston-Salem area Wood?

    Where do you guys prefer to purchase your wood from? I have only been in Winston for a few years so I am not familiar with all the places that are in close proximity. My purchases will be in small quantities and mostly red oak (Wife's favorite). Thanks, James
  12. J

    New guy from Winston-Salem

    Hey everyone, I recently came across this wonderful site when searching for woodworking related stuff. I am new to fine woodworking, however, for several years I worked as a carpenter performing home remodeling for Taylor Building in Charlotte, NC. I learned alot while working with them; I did...
  13. SubGuy

    PE Offering! Cocoa Beach, FL to Winston-Salem Area

    Ok, first time doing this. I make trips from FL to Winston-Salem area (Home). I will be leaving early Christmas Eve Morning from FL and arriving there around dinner..ish. I'm driving my F-250 longbed and should have at-least 1/2 the bed free for something if anyone needs a run. Also running...
  14. PChristy

    Ryobi WDS 1600 Drum Sander - $215 (Winston-Salem)

    Not mine:no: Cantilevered drum sander offers lots of capacity. Stock up to twice the width of the drum may be sanded in two passes. The Ryobi WDS 1600 uses a nonabrasive conveyor that does a great job of gripping stock. Drum can be adjusted...
  15. Mike Davis

    Winston-Salem, Greensboro and Japan Get Together

    Time to get together, say hello, shake hands, have a meal together and show what you've been working on. Bring pictures, crafts, questions, family and friends. Come and meet Guy in Paradise who is moving from Japan to Virginia. Golden Corral next to Klingspor in Winston-Salem, NC Saturday...
  16. Mark Gottesman

    Unisaw at Winston-Salem Habitat Restore

    Habitat Restore is located on Witt St. I have no affiliation with them other than spending many dollars there. I was browsing this afternoon and noticed a Delta Unisaw with Beismeyer fence, roll around platform, side table, extensions and bag of goodies for $900. Certainly not a bottom feeder...
  17. B

    Unisaw on Winston-Salem CL

    Left tilt unisaw spotted on W-S Craigslist for $1000
  18. Mark Gottesman

    New guy from Winston-Salem

    Wanted to say hello to everyone and thank you for all the help you folks have been over the last year since I found this forum. I wandered over from the OWWM forum and now check both of them quite frequently. Since I am a recent retiree my main focus has been on house projects and trying to...
  19. ACobra289

    Request for Winston-Salem area members

    Hello all. Sometime within the next month or two or three I will be installing some hardwood floors in my house. I am going to need a moisture meter to check the wood and the underlayment to make sure they are within specs. If possible I would like to borrow a meter from a fellow member. If you...
  20. zapdafish

    looking for mover in winston-salem area

    Anyone know any movers in the Winston-Salem/Clemmons area that can handle something like this. The one I can have is in a small shed and will need to be lifted through a fairly narrow door and over a 6-8inch door sill. Rather than get a hernia and throw out the backs of my friends, as its free...

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