1. Cedar and Walnut end table

    Cedar and Walnut end table

    This is an end table made of cedar with walnut strips added throughout.
  2. D

    May it please the Court...

    I made this gavel and sounding block for a friend of mine. the Block, handle and head are all highly figured black walnut. I am working on one more, out of figured red oak. I don't see a lot of red oak, so am looking forward to how it turns out. I have the block on that one done, and started...
  3. skysharks

    QS Red Oak and Black walnut ply source?

    Hey folks. I have some case work that I need to do, so I need some nice ply. Looking for black walnut and qs red oak plywood. Anyone know where the best place to get this from coming from the Fayetteville/Eastover area? Thanks in advance. MAc
  4. K

    walnut & cherry lumber

    CL ad for walnut & cherry lumber. I just got back from looking at it and most looks good. Seller says about 60% is walnut 30% cherry and other is mixture of white oak, cedar and hickory. I didn't get too far cause seller wants it all gone or nothing. It is all stickered for about 3 years. I took...
  5. Shamrock

    For Sale $2 bd/ft black walnut

    Here's a steal - 6 walnut boards for $96 bucks Dimensions are as follows: #1 13w x 1 1/4 t x 62 #2 12w x 7/8 t x 72 #3 12w x 1 t x 108 #4 12w x 7/8 t x 108 #5 12w x 7/8 t x 108 #6 12 w x 1 t x 108 #3 and 4 are flitch cut sequentials as are #5 and #6 These dimensions...
  6. Rhythm House Drums

    Walnut and Yellow Heart Djembe

    Just finished up this djembe and wanted to gloat a bit :) I love it. Did it for a friends son (1 year birthday) and decided to try some things I had wanted to try. It's the first drum I've thrown up on my lathe... wont be last!! Finished with a coat of dark walnut danish oil and a few 2 more...
  7. D

    walnut crotch wood magazine rack

    Staying with the theme of walnut crotch wood for a while longer. I designed this magazine rack and the piece is solid walnut. both ends came from either side of a big hole in the tree, where a big branch was before it rotted off and just left a hole. Dave
  8. charlessenf

    Need Mobile Sawyer in Lenoir, NC 28645

    I wrote about the nice black walnut logs I had and have since added two Chestnut trees ad one Locust to my stack of logs ready to be slabbed / cut into lumber. Owenby and Moretz came by and indicated they would be back, one fellow want $650 to come and take the logs to a sawyer and return the...
  9. D

    walnut crotch wood carrying case

    OK, one more picture today from the newbie. This is a carrying case I made from walnut. The glass sword is about 25" long. The foam rubber is 2" thick on each side. Polished to a 2000 grit. Dave When it is not in the carrying case, it is on the display case. The verticals are white oak...
  10. D

    Walnut & Dogwood butcher block board

    My son (32 yr. old) wanted a cutting board, so I took my time and made something that will last him a lifetime! The squares are just under 1" square, and are about 2 inches high. I started with 1 x 1 x 4", and made the basic pattern of the X, by gluing up individual (short) rows, then after...
  11. Small Stool

    Small Stool

    Cherry Top, Walnut Legs, Brass
  12. Small Stool

    Small Stool

    Cherry Top, Walnut Legs, Brass
  13. Small Stool

    Small Stool

    Cherry Top, Walnut Legs, Brass
  14. Small Stool

    Small Stool

    Cherry Top, Walnut Legs, Brass
  15. Coffee Table

    Coffee Table

  16. Coffee Table

    Coffee Table

  17. Coffee Table

    Coffee Table

  18. MissEmmaLee

    My first thread - Black Walnut finishing, not sure about..

    First off, Hello! I have been lurking for awhile, well, since I cut down a large walnut in the backyard, and it's' been drying for over 2 years in my basement. I finally took two of the boards and had them planed and glued, sanded..Been using the Watco Danish Oil to finish. I am making a...
  19. charlessenf

    Steam My Log(s)?

    The sawyer was here the other day to size up my Walnut logs. Offered me $200 for the three large ones - he calculated 400 bf. While we were talking, he said that, to really get the primo walnut, I would need to take the logs to have them steamed to bring the dark color out into the (much...
  20. Crrunion

    I Want To Trade Lathe Lessons For Black Walnut Blocks

    I have a few pieces of black walnut log rough cut with a chain saw about 12 or 14 inches long, and I would be willing to trade 2 or 3 of them for a few lathe lessons. I have used a lathe a little bit, but not much and have had no training. I want to learn to turn well enough to make some finials...

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