1. J

    Walnut Wood BOARDS TAKEN!!! Thanks for all the interest!

    I have a 6 walnut boards culled from an old cabinet reed organ. Before taking it to the dump I thought I would offer it here for wood salvage. Nice walnut boards are 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch thick. Maybe some woodworker would like for some small projects (like wood boxes?). Free to good home. Am...
  2. BKHam

    Work In Progress: Walnut Trestle Table

    i bought most of the wood for this project from a guy in hillsborough who sells walnut slabs, he usually has a CL post up. Its not a commercial operation so the boards reflect this, a little bit knotty. when i bought these maybe 8 years ago, i was just happy to find cheap walnut. however, my eye...
  3. WildEdgeWoodcraft

    Wide Slab Flattening, Kiln Drying, Heat Sterilizing (Bug Kill), Belt Sanding, Sawmilling, Woodshop Services near Raleigh Durham North Carolina

    We offer a variety of services to NC Woodworkers who want to make wide slab tables, epoxy river tables, kitchen island countertops, and coffee tables. No log is too big for our extra-wide sawmill - we can cut up to 8-feet wide slabs! We have equipment on-site to lift up to 15,000-pound logs...
  4. R

    The WoodSpot- Charlotte (advice welcomed)

    All, We are very close to launching a new business that will be focused on supplying high quality hardwoods, plywoods and related woodcraft products (glues, sandpaper, blades, finishes) in our local store/warehouse in Charlotte. We are centering our focus on wood enthusiasts and hobbyists like...
  5. build4fun

    The Step Stool Project

    I have now made more of these step stools for others than I can count. My favorite is the quarter sawn oak version, but others might like different wood variations. Here is a video with the steps for making it.
  6. A

    4/4 Black Walnut lumber

    4/4 steamed and kiln dried walnut lumber for sale. 4/4 2C rustic 7”& wider 4/4 1C rustic 7”& wider 4/4 1F&BTR 5”-7” 4/4 FAS Superior 8” average width 90/90 black. Oak rule or clear two face. No minimum orders. Call for pricing. Brennan Sain (980) 241-1181 Appalachian Walnut Co, INC...
  7. charlessenf

    What to ask for my Rough Cut Walnut - 1 live edge

    1- 3 3/8 x 11" x 111" Rest are 4/4 X 9'4" and 11" at smallest width along the boards. They have been sitting in the basement for four years or more and it is time to move them on. However, I have no idea what to ASK per BF for Non KD Walnut. Nor do I know what a Moisture Meter Reading might be...
  8. mpholway

    Walnut Segmented Dining Table is finished just in time to be a Christmas gift!

    To all, Thanks for your assistance suggestions way back when with the table build. The surface of the table is 48 inches wide, 108 inches long, and 1 1/8 inches thick. It is made with 130 segments of walnut. Build details… 1) Joined, planed and cut each of the 140 segments (thank you to...
  9. J

    Large walnut tree just fell in Florence...any interest?

    Its approximately 35-40' in length, the first 20 plus feet are straight no branches/limbs. Over 20" in diameter. Will measure tonight for positive specs. It fell over roots and all in the storm, hate to cut it up for firewood without checking here first. In Fuquay Varina
  10. Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

    Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

  11. Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

    Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

  12. Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

    Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

  13. Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

    Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

  14. Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

    Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

  15. P

    First real attempt

    New to this scrollsaw stuff, and was fortunate to acquire a very nice Delta from a good member, Thanks Joe. This is an anniversary present for my better half, a Sue Mey pattern I saw on another site. Used local milled Black Walnut, was approx 1/2 + thick, handsawn into 2 pieces, used full...
  16. W

    Finishing a Maple and Walnut End Grain Chessboard

    So I have been working on a chessboard and need some advise for finishing. I have convinced myself to rub out my finish to a nice semi gloss. However, I need a path to get there. I have considered lacquer, but I am not experienced enough to speak to how I should prep the end grain prior to...
  17. charlessenf

    Air-dried Walnut - Lenoir, NC

    Walnut 5/4 Rough Cut and First Cut Cured 3yrs + Hickory Craigslist: https://hickory.craigslist.org/mat/6172320618.html Air-dried outside for three years +/- 5/4 Live edge and a few 'First Cuts' I had dreams of building he wife a walnut kitchen. Now, time to pass this cache on to another...
  18. CU door

    CU door

    CU black walnut sliding door
  19. WS door

    WS door

    WS. black walnut sliding door

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