1. tapered legs and stretcher

    tapered legs and stretcher

  2. IMG_05695


    top sopport with stopped sliding dovetail
  3. First Attempt at Making a MagnoliaTop

    First Attempt at Making a MagnoliaTop

    Wood: Southern Magnolia Finish: Miniwax Finishing Wax Diameter: 4 inches
  4. Top and Bottom plates glued and rough shaped

    Top and Bottom plates glued and rough shaped

  5. Panel Top

    Panel Top

  6. F

    How to finish an "odd" table top

    I'm eventually going to start a fun coffee table project which uses old yardsticks as the table top. These yardsticks are mostly vintage; some have a finish on them already (who knows what...) while others were left natural. How would you recommend finishing something like this? I was...
  7. Douglas Robinson

    Table Top Refinishing Recommendation

    A coworker needs to have an antique oak table refinished. It has a stain that needs to be taken out which will require the surface be taken down evenely across the top and then the table will need to be refinished to match the remainder of the table. Does anyone have a recommendation for...
  8. D

    Book Case for Frig Top

    My wife wanted a book shelf for the top of the frig. There is that useless one at the back of the frig between the two cabinets, but she is too short to reach anything on it. The book case is for her cook books and it brings them a little closer to the front. the feet hang over the edge...
  9. A

    Choosing between two bench top mortisers

    This is not a gloat because there was already a post about my Top Tip that is in the current issue of Wood Magazine. The prize that came today is a Shop Fox bench top mortiser (W1671). The problem, of sorts, is I already have a Delta (14-650) so I am trying to figure out which one to keep...
  10. erasmussen

    Top half WIP

    The top half in work now, starting the build up on the brute and using the HF lathe to clean the rings up (I am still using the HF lathe). Dont look at the mess in the shop. Got to keep my tools sharp, real sharp for this. IPE cuts easy, this is the shavings First row of open...
  11. IMG_3690


  12. IMG_36881


  13. IMG_36871


  14. IMG_3686


  15. IMG_3685


  16. J

    Adjustable angle table top

    Just playing around with a conceptual idea for a friend of mine. The top should be adjustable from 0-90 degrees at any angle. This is kinda like a trammel with a fixed pivot point at the top. As the top is raised a bolt slides along the two channels and gets locked in place somehow. I haven't...
  17. Bigdog72

    Bench top tools

    It occurred to me this weekend that I might not have my bench top drill press at the right height. When I purchased the unit I set it right on a standard, for me, height bench (34 1/2") but while working with it yesterday I realized that the business end of the drill press, the table, is at...
  18. J

    Table top design

    Interesting discussion. When design, functionality, reality, and aesthetics collide. :BangHead:
  19. MarkE

    Another flip top work table

    Just finished my version of the flip top work table featured in Wood magazine. The top has several coats of Formbys high gloss that I had on hand. Don't know why I had it on hand since I never use high gloss. The Formby's was applied over a coat of de-waxed shellac. I added a coat of paste wax...
  20. Flip Top Assembly Table

    Flip Top Assembly Table

    Flip Top Assembly Table

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