1. B

    Jewelry Box WIP

    I'm done with the case and lid for 2 jewelry boxes made of teak. in the third picture you can see the lid is curved. Size: 14.5 wide and 10" deep and 10" tall. think....tall toaster oven. it is made of layers of 1/8 inch bending plywood, shaped on a bending form in a vacuum bag. the front...
  2. All


  3. L

    Badland root wood teak

    Anyone know where badland root wood which is teak was salvaged from? I have a neighbor who has a coffee table that she paid $150 for and was curious as to where the wood came from? I just went online and found it to be very expensive and appears that the furniture is made from roots. Just...
  4. C

    Need to find Jatoba or Teak near lake norman

    I'm looking for Jatoba or Teak near Lake Norman. I'm in Iron Station. I don't think Kyle Edwards has it. I'll only need 8 pieces 4/4 @ 2 1/4" W x 4' L Where can I find exotics around charlotte?
  5. J

    Anybody ever refinish any teak furniture?

    Hey everybody, I have a pretty large patio set ( 8 chairs, 1 table and garden bench) that I would like to bring back to its original luster. I was looking for some suggestions on methods and products from anybody who's been down this road. Thanks in advance for your help. Jim
  6. Mr. Lahey

    Tung vs teak vs lemon vs linseed oil

    So many choices...can someone please tell me the differences between all these wood oils and what they work best for?
  7. Umich684

    Teak wanted

    Looking for 300bf of Teak, mixed grade, 8/4. Having a hard time finding any. I'm in Charlotte, willing to drive, anyone have a suggestion?
  8. B

    Teak Frame finally finished

    Here is my first attempt at a picture frame that was not going to be painted. I was okay with how my joints turned out, but there is lots of room for improvement. I appreciate all the help and suggestions for miter sleds and jigs, which I will be building soon. I had one joint with a...
  9. Teak Chair

    Teak Chair

    Teak Chair
  10. B

    Teak Molding - can it be straightened?

    Just got a couple of 10 foot pieces of teak molding from my dad. Been laying on the rafters in his shop for 15+ years. It is in great shape but has some crooks in it. I was thinking of making a frame for a map in my office. Is there a way to straighten out some of the crooks? Maybe soak it...
  11. sawduster

    Looking for Teak or Mahogany

    I have a friend ( not a member ) who is building an outdoor covered bar and is looking for a piece of teak or mahogany 12' long 12" wide and 3/4 to 5/4 :eek: He knows this will not be a cheap piece of wood :eusa_thin Any ideas ?
  12. R

    Working with TEAK

    I have started a small project using teak. In addition to finding that it is expensive, I am also finding it seems to have a high oil content. At least it feels like oil. The piece appears perfectly dry until I hit it with sand paper. Almost immediately the dust turns to something almost the...
  13. CarvedTones

    Would you varnish over teak?

    I just took the cabin top hand rails off my sailboat. They were looking pretty bad - old and weathered. They had a gray cast to them and I expected to find them weak. I was just going to trace them and cut new ones out of white oak. I was surprised to find they were still quite strong, so I...
  14. Jon

    Teak wood?

    Where can I find teak wood?
  15. L

    Teak question

    A friend brought over wooden trim from a 30 plus year old boat and ask me if I could refinish it for him. He thought the wood was oak. It does look like oak but I can't see any wood being used on a boat except teak. Does teak look like oak and can I expect to bring it back to its original...
  16. oderus1671

    using Teak wood

    Just wanted to let you guys know that if you use Teak for any projects, to be sure you wear dust/skin protection. Lotsa folks are allergic to the oils in it. For example, whenever anyone sands or cuts teak in the shop at work, I know about it cuz I get nose bleeds every time. And Ive also been...
  17. Gofor

    Teak,Danish oil or ??

    What finish should I use for a wooden rocker that will be used on a semi-protected outdoor deck? I am restoring a 34 year old rocking chair. It was originally assembled with white glue, but is now being used on a covered deck, and the glue started dissolving. I disassembled all of it except for...

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