1. Mahogany Table

    Mahogany Table

    Mahogany Federal Style Demilune table with rosewood and satinwood cross banding and satinwood inlays and stringing
  2. O

    Cove Style Base Cap

    Redoing the trim in the house maple 1x6 with Walnut Cove Style Cap. Anyone out there have a good source that could fill an order like that?
  3. CatButler

    Philly style jack plane

    This is a philly style wooden jack plane I made about a month ago. I used the links in this web page as references It is made by laminating similar to the Krenov style, but you make the philly style mouth. The body is...
  4. Front top

    Front top

  5. Side top

    Side top

  6. Philly Jack - Side view

    Philly Jack - Side view

  7. BrianGeib

    Mission Style End Tables

    I forgot to take photos before I brought these to my sister. She sent these to me. Just some simple end tables. QSWO, of course, is from Scott Smith. ~26" x 26" x 18". Finish is Waterlox x 3, Dark Walnut Danish oil x 3, Waterlox x 3, Minwax x 3. She was so happy she now wants a matching sofa...
  8. Tommy Smith

    Modern Longworth style chuck

    New guy here, intros were done in the "Who we are" forum. I searched and did not see any posts on the factory made longworth style chuck so I decided to post on the one I received today. Nicely made, smooth operation and appears to be a quality product. I had been waiting for it to come so I...
  9. cskipper

    A different style puzzle

    These are two puzzles cut from BB and they are the first ones I've cut without many visual clues to aid in assembling. The pictures are of the front of the puzzles - which look exactly like the back. I think the level of difficulty should be high. I did have a quilt block pattern that I used...
  10. red

    Craftsman Style Grandfather Clock In Woodsmith Issue #162

    I’m looking for the plans for the craftsman style grandfather clock that was featured in the Woodsmith magazine issue #162. I found the cut list on-line but not the plans. Is anybody able to scan a copy of theirs and post it here or send it to me in an email? It looks like a fun project. Thanks...
  11. timf67

    Paolini's Limbert Style Table Finished!

    It took me longer than I had planned (life gets in the way sometimes) but I finished the Limbert Style table from Gregory Paolini's woodworknig class that I took at The Woodworking Source. I am hoping to get some better pictures taken, but here is a preview of the finished table: There is...
  12. S

    1st Project of Year: New Style Workbench

    As I do every year around this time, when it's too cold to spend any length of time in shop, I take an inventory of tools that did not make the grade (just didn't get enough use out of). They get Craiglisted (receipts gladly given :gar-Bi). Then use money to get new :tool:'s One item not...
  13. Bugle

    What style carving is this?

    We have had this antique wash stand for quite a while. We found it in an antique store in Fuquay-Varina. I believe it is chestnut. The reverse relief carving is very interesting and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was a particular style/design? Drawer detail: Door detail:
  14. S

    Kreg Style Pocket Jig 50% off -Peachtree An affordable alternative to the Kreg Jig
  15. timf67

    Paolini's Limbert Style Coffee Table Build - Updated

    I had the pleasure of attending Gregory Paolini's class on how to build his Limbert style coffee table featured on the cover of FWW in December. After picking up some lumber at Rick's Woodworking Source on Saturday, I was able to start in on my attempt at the table last night. Here is my first...
  16. DSC_0742_edited


    Paolini table build at TWS
  17. DSC_0741_edited


    Paolini table build at TWS
  18. DSC_0741_edited


    Paolini table build at TWS
  19. DSC_0740_edited


    Paolini table build at TWS
  20. DSC_0738


    Paolini table build at TWS

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