1. Mike Camp

    Son's First Birthday Toybox - Complete

    My son is turning one this week and I finished his new toy box just in time for his party this morning. The box is about 16.5"x17"x17.5" (lxwxh) with the 2.5" casters installed. The sides are 3/4" shop grade birch plywood and the top (including the fish) is 1/2" baltic birch. The fish comes out...
  2. CarvedTones

    Father son scroll bowl

    I started a thread a few days back about the basket/bowls that Cathy Skipper brought to the picnic. One of my boys was really taken with the idea of making one. Like this: It turns out he was really just interested in doing this: (that's Ailene's Clear Gel Craft Glue. with all those...
  3. P

    Crib for our new son

    Happy New Year everyone! I just wanted to share a few pictures of a crib that my wife and I recently finished for our son (Born Dec 19). It was a fun project and definitely a challenge for my limited skills. I learned a lot! The mortise and tenon slats were the most tedious bit. The rails...
  4. J

    Gotta Love Our Son

    Tonight, we had kids over for burgers and dogs. Son says he found something in the dumpster at one of his jobs that I might want. It is a variable speed Fein Multi tool, the model with the flip release. Runs great, but doesn't have any blades. Reluctantly (who heck am I kidding) I agreed to take...
  5. eyekode

    A project with my son

    My 7 year old son recently got a pocket knife. And so for the last couple months his whole train of thought has revolved around pocket knifes. Last weekend we went to the Zoo and he picked up some arrow heads from the gift shop. For some reason he thought it would be neat to make one into a...
  6. Dresser for my son

    Dresser for my son

    Dresser for my son. First part of a bunk bed set.
  7. MrAudio815

    Oak Flooring w/ Contrasting wood? Picture of my Son!

    Hey Everyone, I bought some Spiced oak flooring from lowes. 1: None of the Shoe molding or transition molding really match the color of the floor :BangHead: 2: Couldn't find the stain at lowes to match. :BangHead: 3:So I am thinking of using a contrasting colored wood for mentioned...
  8. R

    New son {Photo Added}

    View image in gallery In-law that is.My oldest daughter got married yesterday:eusa_danc:tinysmile_cry_t:.A happy time but sad time too. I worry that she has got a good one.But I have to let go and trust that SHE made a good choice:icon_scra.I am SOOOOO proud of her. Oh ya Randy if you need...
  9. JRD

    Son of Contest Entry

    I enjoyed making my contest entry so much that I decided to do another. This time the bowl is Magnolia, the fruit the same as before, Cedar, Maple, Oak. For some reason I'm finding these fruit bowls to be fascinating.
  10. CarvedTones

    Action shot of my 9 year old son carving

    Thats a catalpa crotch he picked up. I don't know what he is making, but he is enjoying it...
  11. WoodWrangler

    Acrylic Pen for Son

    Okay, this really is NOT my work ... but it was so nice I wanted to post it. It is a member's work of North Carolina Woodworker (TurnStyle), but since it's fairly inactive I figured I'd post on his behalf (and I'll get him involved in this thread for more details). In short ... the story is...
  12. michaelgarner

    Mission Scout help COMPLETE!!!

    Hello friends, As most of you know I am in Germany and my family is still in HopeMills:cry_smile My son Dylan is trying to finish up a scout badge before he gets here and one of the projects he just got is making a tool box. It is a pre-fabricated kit unit I believe (my wife is going to get me...
  13. TracyP

    A day in the shop with my son

    I had the pleasure of spending the day in the shop with my son and we made several things, the most time consuming was a segmented Wall Street pen. We started out by gluing four 1/2 x 1/2 pieces of wood together, Cherry, Cumala, Walnut, and Purple Heart. We drilled and cut the glue ups...
  14. Matt Schnurbusch

    A HUGE GLOAT... For my son

    Well, as I posted in the "Found for sale" forum, I bought a Rigid Oscillating Spindle Sander from CL yesterday. Man, what a great tool. I've only used it for about 20 minutes and I already love it. What makes it even better is that it is quite possibly the only tool in my shop that I would...
  15. Mike Davis

    [Problem-Main Site] My son new member

    My son Collin registered yesterday but hasn't gotten an e-mail to confirm yet. EDIT HE found it in his span folder, Sorry for the confusion.
  16. T

    Bedroom Furniture for my son

    I just downloaded plans for a bedroon suite that I am going to build for my son from links I found in the "Link Library" under "Woodworking Plans" I am going to endeavor to be more deligent in my posting throughout the process starting with this post. :eusa_clap I will build the bed, dresser...
  17. LeeNC

    Platform Bed For My Youngest Son

    Over the weekend I finally finished my latest project, a platform bed for my youngest son. His room is on the small side and I wanted to use the space under the matrices as useful storage instead of shoving junk under the box spring (like my bed). The bed is made from BORG plywood and popular...
  18. WoodWrangler

    A son is born ...

    This morning my wife and I welcomed our first son, and second child, into the world. Braden Don was born Saturday, March 29 at 8:36am in Charlotte. He's healthy and cozy snuggled up with Mom most of these first hours -- weighing in at 8lb4oz and 21in long...
  19. Makinsawdust

    Father Son Project

    Here's one of the things my son and I have been working on since about mid-day Tuesday. A small, 4 person (30"x60") dinning table for his girl friend's college apartment. It's all made of ambrosia maple. The undercarriage is just tinted heavier than the top. All mortise and tenon joinery. We got...
  20. ScottM

    Gift for my daughter and son in-law

    It took me a while to unload the camera but here are a couple pictures of a gift box I made for my daughter and son in-law. The wood is spalted maple from the August wood run. I finished with BLO and then 4 coats of wipe on poly.

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