1. Splinter

    New Mobile Router Table is complete

    My new router table is complete and already making sawdust.:eusa_clap Only had to buy hardware and ply for drawer bottoms. Everything else was "excess" material lying around shop. Fence and Rockler plate. The fence has sliding front to close up around the bit and will be easily replaced when...
  2. Splinter

    New Mobile Router Table in Progress

    Slowly but surely my new mobile router table in taking shape. I haven't applied the finish yet but I have ordered the router plate, T-Tracks and power switch and have part of the fence cut out. I have noted the motto of this forum is "No photos it didn't happen" so I have posted a few photos in...
  3. hpetty

    Mobile Lumber Storage Rack - Lumber Support

    I'm building a mobile lumber storage rack like this one: The plans call for heavy duty lumber shelf standards, which are a little pricey. Years ago I built a lumber storage rack (from a WoodSmith plan) using 1/2" pipe...
  4. chris99z71

    Table saw mobile base

    Has anyone out there got pictures of a tablesaw mobile base that they've either made or seen that works well? After calling 3 strong friends to help me move my uni, I've decided that my next project should be to devise a way to move it myself. This is where I am so far: Yesterday I was...

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