Any gotchas in making a closet system

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I am replacing the old wire based closet organization system in my master walk-in closet with a nice (I hope) wood one like you would see from California Closets. Just wondering if anyone has done one before and ran into any unforeseen issues I should be away of?



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Be sure to think through how you want your clothes rods to run. It is difficult if you have two rods at the same height that run perpendicular to each other. Also, be thinking of drawer clearances. Don't put drawers too close to a wall. One I built for myself had drawers that scraped the wall and at full extension they hit the door casing. Also think about where the lighting is and wheter any shelves will obstruct the light making the closet darker.

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Probably an obvious one for this crowd, but don't rely upon your floors to be level or walls to be plumb. I had a friend once that measured up from the floor to screw in the shelf supports. As long as you tilt your head the shelves look fine.


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All the closets in our house have the triangle shaped shelf brackets with the rod holder underneath. The shelves are all 12" deep which makes it difficult to get the clothes hangers in and out.

I put in a shelf/closet rod in the laundry room using the same brackets. I made the shelf 11-1/2" deep. That 1/2" makes a big difference using hangers and really has zero effect on the usefulness of the shelf.


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Hey Gary,

Have built a ton of closets, kitchen grade and otherwise. We all want it to be beautiful, but the first thing to keep in mind has got to be storage. When I'm designing for a client we totally start with what they have in the house and want to put in the newly designed space. Don't be afraid to break convention on depth or height. It's a closet, and it's for storage! I truly believe in these cases it is function before form.

To follow off JoeF, consider making boxes that wall mount and are a foot or 2 off the ground. that space is a great place for laundry baskets and the inevitable shoe box.

Lighting is vital. Consider the aftermarket, low heat, low voltage LED flexible strip lighting. (my source is It's inexpensive, easy to wire and in some cases acts as mood lighting :).

Allow space for a full length mirror somewhere(even back of the door as tacky at that can be), wrap it in the same material, wood/melamine/other.

If you're doing it for the wife, a perfect +1 is adding a real simple jewelry drawer. Lots of places for adhesive backed felt, and you can build some easy dividers from scrap wood, cover in felt and booya!

few ideas for ya:
Closet 1
Closet 1 digital
Closet 2 digital
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