1. Cbranch

    Sold-For sale: Rockwell table saw/jointer-sold

    Vintage 9” table saw with 24” ripping capacity and 4” jointer with 27” bed. Both machines run on a single 1hp motor and are tuned to cut. Asking $275
  2. Grit12Gauge

    Jointer then Planer or vice versa?

    Working on purchasing more equipment for my shop and initially I wanted to get a jointer then a planer. First off, is this the correct purchase order? After doing countless hours of YouTube research and not finding answers, I ask the question.... do I really need a planer if I’m getting a...
  3. N

    For Sale Rockwell 8" Jointer

    I have a 8" Rockwell Jointer in decent shape for sale. It is a 3ph unit and has the steel stand. Cleaned it up some and everything moves as it should. Bearings on cutter head are in good shape, cutting blades look good, there is a knob missing on the fence lock and the arbor is missing to lock...
  4. S

    Inca 10” jointer/planer for sale

    I am getting a larger unit so I am moving my original unit out. $300 picked up in Cary.
  5. J

    New Laguna 12" Jointer - Motor to be installed in California

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a Laguna 5HP 12" jointer and am being told it will ship after they install the motor in California. That seems a bit odd, is that normal? I am a little worried they will ship a unit that has previously been returned. Has anyone been in this situation or ordered...
  6. charlessenf

    Delta Jointer Lock Lever Part #: 1347010

    Lock Lever for Delta 37-190 6" Deluxe Jointer Apparently, when I brought this home I laid it down on the 'Wrong Side' and bent the Lock Lever bolt. I have searched and found the part listed on several sites as "Not Available" or "Out of Stock" so I am looking for a vendor that has it in...
  7. Clifton

    Jointer Knife Adjustment pro wanted - Need Help

    Ive got a Jet JJ-12 planar / jointer combo. Cant get the blades adjusted. Need help from someone willing to do an on location teaching session to show me what im doing wrong. Have Dial indicator, tools etc... Willing to pay $50 + lunch + 6 pack of favorite beverage (to be consumed AFTER were...
  8. delta 8" jointer

    delta 8" jointer

    delta 8" jointer
  9. delta 8" jointer

    delta 8" jointer

    delta 8" jointer
  10. D

    This arrived today!

    Grizzly 8" Jointer. Pretty #### excited about it. Now, how to lift that beast onto the stand?
  11. D

    Craftsman model # 152.217060

    In the market for a 6" jointer and saw this on craigslist. Anyone have experience? They have it listed at $295 If I get it I'll want to put in a shelix head $358, brigning it to around $600. Worth it? Thanks in advance for any advice, David
  12. jonnyfontaine

    Laguna jointers

    Does anyone here have any opinions/experience with any of the Laguna models of jointers. It seems like every tool they make is the winner of several awards, I love my bandsaw of theirs I own. And I know it's petty but they look killer also, very modern chic haha and we all know that's the real...
  13. jonnyfontaine

    Grizzly 8" jointer G0490W

    I recently got a new above mentioned jointed and have been having tons of issues with like everytime I edge joint a board I have to readjust the board. I have plenty of nice straight edges and checked that the tables are coplaner, it's a parallelogram jointer. Has anyone else had any issues/...
  14. jonnyfontaine

    Grizzly spiral cutter versus bryd Shelix cutter

    I own a grizzly 8" jointer and I can't square the edge of a board, I think some of the knives are higher on one side quite a bit. And since the gibs seem welded on I'd rather not go through the nightmare of adjusting the knives. I ordered a bryd Shelix cutter head a while back but they say...
  15. Clifton

    WTB: Jointer

    I need a jointer 6" or up, with price from $0.00 to about $350. Used of course, and do not want a bench top model. Maybe a used grizzly, jet, powermatic that someone doesnt have the room for or has replaced with a new one and wants to help me finish the last tool i need for my shop. Ive tried...
  16. jonnyfontaine

    Grizzly 8" jointer question for owners of G0490W

    Hi ncww, I just got a G0490W grizzly 8" jointer and there are a few missing washers and some mysterious bolts that aren't mentioned in the catalog for assembly. I was wondering if that has happened to anyone else. And if they know where the to hex head bolts go? All the other fasteners are...
  17. jonnyfontaine

    Does owning power machines (I.e. Jointer) hurt hanplanimg technique

    I recently purchased an 8" jointer bit I have been flattening amd squaring board for a long time. I don't want my planing skills to diminish now that I'll have the jointer so if any of you guys have any experience with keeping up hand plane skill. Any and all help appriciated, Jonny
  18. jonnyfontaine

    Grizzly jointer question

    I am seriously considering the 8" parrellagram jointer grizzly just got in stock, I was gonna go with the 4 knife cutter and plan to upgrade to the Byrd Shelix cutter head down the road, for now real great reason I just feel that seems like a much better cutter head with minimal cost increase...
  19. T

    Grizzly tools touch up paint

    I recently purchased a used Grizzly G1018 jointer. Right now it's completely disassembled for cleaning and awaiting a few new parts to fine tune it. I now have decided to re-paint the stand and jointer prior to reassembly. Has anyone out there with an older Grizzly tool (approx 1995-2000)...
  20. More table

    More table

    Pics of my jet jointer

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