1. 20180927_141921.jpg


    Underlayment install in progress.
  2. 20180924_161819.jpg


    Underlayment acclimating to woodshop temperature and humidity.
  3. 20180924_155320.jpg


    Strong wife carrying underlayment into shop. i'm going to owe her big time!
  4. 20180923_183226.jpg


    Subfloor after screwing down raised board edges, scraping texture paint splatters, loose nail setting, sanding.
  5. 20180715_161949.jpg


    This is what my shop floor looked like many months after we moved in. Why has it been many months without any action...because I had to do everything on my honey-do list first! You're looking at the raw sub-floor.
  6. Z

    Water damage repair to 3/4" T&G Red Oak flooring

    I am asking this in wood, because this fits better into the properties of the cellular structure of wood, and is not about finishing. Several years ago a 4" diameter of oak T&G flooring got wet and remained wet for several days. The manifestations are enlarged gaps between the boards, and...
  7. B

    Workshop Floor

    I recently had an outdoor shop built and am just about finished putting up the paneling on the walls. The floors are 3/4" plywood which is fine but I wanted to put some kind of finish on it to help protect it . My neighbor also has a shop and he covered the floor with garage floor paint which...
  8. Bugle

    Flooring contractor recommendation?

    Anyone know a good hardwood flooring contractor in the Raleigh/Apex/Cary area?
  9. W

    Flooring question

    Needing to get a floor down ASAP in my shed. I wanted to use a sold roll linoleum but time and money is working against me. What are your thoughts on using hardboard? The shed is 12x24 and several tools will probably be on mobile bases so I can maximize storage and work area. Would hardboard...
  10. skysharks

    Hard wood flooring matching old to new

    Hey all I have just completed a long needed repair to some flooring joists,( 1950 house, which HAD a low spot caused by old water damage) So since the crawl space's height is not exactly great that would facilitate working under for that kind of work. I removed everything from the inside of the...
  11. D

    Harwood Flooring Material

    I'm looking for a mill or manufacture who produce hardwood flooring that may toss or sale cheaply the pieces that are not suitable for flooring.
  12. D

    Looking For Hardwood Flooring Material

    I'm looking for a mill or manufacture who produce hardwood flooring that may toss or sale cheaply the pieces that are not suitable for flooring.
  13. redhawknc1

    Need help with my Pine Flooring....

    Wife has me doing some remodeling in the house this winter as always. Currently remodeling our Master Bedroom. The painting, tearing out an old make-up vanity, etc. are finished. My problem is with the flooring. The flooring is 11" wide heart pine 14' long. Being a soft wood, the floors have...
  14. IMG_02713


  15. skysharks

    In Search of Unfinished Maple flooring

    Hey all I got a job to do and was wondering if anyone knew of where to look for Maple flooring. I mean the same sizing as the Red Oak flooring. And not from the Borg's please, Lol 3/4 " thick tongue and groove, yada yada, etc. Thanks MAC
  16. Mt. Gomer

    Wanted: Bostitch Flooring Stapler MIIIFS

    I've got a close (and completely trusted) friend who is getting ready to start a flooring project. He's looking to buy/rent/borrow a Bostitch Flooring Stapler MIIIFS. If anyone has one or something similar and would be willing to work something out please lt me know. Thanks! Travis
  17. D

    shop flooring

    I am in the planning stage of putting a floor down in my garage shop. Going to use 2x4 sleepers with 6 mil polyethylene sheet underneath and rigid foam in between. I've read/heard about tongue and groove plywood, but have not found any locally. Honestly, I only looked online at Lowes and then...
  18. H

    Wood flooring - follow up to nailing question

    A few days ago there was a post asking about using a finish nailer for flooring. The collective wisdom was that a manual or compressed air assisted nailer was the right/best way to do this. I have read through those answers, but I have a different case. I am using knotty pine 'flooring' (5...
  19. M

    Regular nail gun for hardwood flooring?

    Hi folks, I'm thinking of installing either bamboo or red oak planks in the room over the garage. If I am careful aiming the thing, can I get by with a regular nail gun? Ideally, it would be best to rent a proper flooring nail gun but the sheckles are low and I want to take my time doing...
  20. RandyJ

    How can I make this flooring reducer?

    OK all you woodworking gurus...HELP! I have a 1x3 piece of oak 6ft. long that will be trimmed to about 2 1/4" wide. I need to make a reducer similar to this one: Even as WW challenged as I am, I can cut the groove.:saw: What I need to know is how to easily create the large radius on the top...

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