1. Flooring Reducer

    Flooring Reducer

    Flooring Reducer
  2. MrAudio815

    Ebony Flooring

    Not Mine Ebony flooring - $100 (Jamestown) Date: 2010-02-05, 8:53PM EST Reply to: sale-gt3qj-1588127084@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] We have approx. 230 sqft left over...Looks really nice Location: Jamestown it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other...
  3. R

    Laminate Flooring

    I was at Home Depot a while ago and while wandering aimlessly about, I found a display of laminate flooring called Homelegend. It's a high pressure laminate. Come with a 50 year warranty. I took a couple of samples with me... it looks absolutely beautiful. Yes, I know it's a photo image of...
  4. MrAudio815

    Oak Flooring w/ Contrasting wood? Picture of my Son!

    Hey Everyone, I bought some Spiced oak flooring from lowes. 1: None of the Shoe molding or transition molding really match the color of the floor :BangHead: 2: Couldn't find the stain at lowes to match. :BangHead: 3:So I am thinking of using a contrasting colored wood for mentioned...
  5. MrAudio815

    Foyer Floor Damage~No Water from last night

    Hey Everyone, Update: Contacted insurance people. They called yesterday when we were gone selling our 98 Acura TL, and haven't called back. Anyway yesterdays big rain storm that we had should have surely left some water puddles in the front foyer area. NOPE It is as dry as a bone. So...
  6. taandctran

    hardwood flooring

    My wife wants red oak hardwood flooring. It can be pre-finished or unfinished. Just needs to be red oak or maybe a prefinished white oak. I need over 300 sq ft but if I can find 200 at a good deal I will take that and "find" the rest. Let me know if anyone runs across at a "decent" price...
  7. ScottM

    Advice on workshop flooring

    I may (big may) have the opprortunity to build a worksop next year. Size wise it would be 20 x 30. My immediate question is what type of floor (concrete slab vs wood floor built on piers). Lemme know what you folks think and why. Yes cost is a factor.
  8. CarvedTones

    single pieces of bamboo flooring

    I want to find one or two single pieces of vertical grained bamboo flooring; either 2 pieces of 2" wide or one piece of 4" wide. Length 6' or more, though anything less than another 6' would be waste.
  9. ScottM

    Lock & Fold flooring

    LOML wants to put hardwood in a couple upstair bedrooms now the nest is pretty much empty. We were looking at Lock & Fold flooring made by Bruce Harwood. It installs without glue or nails for the most part. Has any one used this product and can commment on pros and cons. The rooms are rough...
  10. K

    Hardwood flooring

    Has anyone attempted to make their own, or is it just as cheap to go the lowes and buy the engineered stuff? My main reason in doing it is to save 200-300 dollars by buying rough cut wood and doing everything from planing to finishing the boards myself. I'm trying to do Mahogany, and its just...
  11. steviegwood

    Making & Installing Hardwood Flooring

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever made and installed their own hardwood flooring. As most of you know I have a lot of cabinet grade 5/8" wood but the longest pieces being about 32". These panels are made up of several 2" strips that have been butt joined together without any...
  12. mbeach

    Wood Flooring Excess... Ideas?

    I have a good chunk of hardwood flooring that is pre-finished left over. Does anyone have any ideas of what to do with it?
  13. T

    Hardwood flooring nailer

    I need to borrow a Hardwood flooring nailer and before I went and bought one, figured I would see if there was one I could borrow from someone on here that isn't using theirs... Just going to install about 800sqft of 3/4 prefinished brazilian cherry in my house over christmas break. I would...
  14. D

    Unfinished hardwood flooring as lumber?

    Does anyone ever use 3/4" unfinished hardwood flooring for stock? You'd have to plane off the eased back and cut off the tongue and groove, but if you could get 5" or 6" boards cheap, would you? Thanks
  15. M

    Where to buy cheap Hardwood flooring ???

    My parents are building a log home (www.capefearloghomes.com) and I am trying to find them some hardwood flooring. They are in Atkinson NC (close to wilmington) but they could have it shipped if cheap. They are looking for basic rugged hardwood. They want it to be solid 3/4inch. But between the...
  16. A

    Wanted to make some flooring...

    Does anybody have recommendations on milling services near Wake County that can mill flooring out of hardwoods? Thanks, Andre
  17. ebarr

    Interlocking foam flooring Kudos

    I purchased some of that foam flooring about 6 or 8 months ago. You know the stuff that looks like a big puzzle. Now for the rest of the story.... Well, Tuesday night after the TWA "Show and Tell" meeting, I was excited about going home and getting some of my projects complete, one of...
  18. LeeNC

    What to do with extra oak flooring?

    I have some extra oak flooring and was wondering what I can do with it. I had thought to use it to make drawer boxes and small boxes. The problem is that it is pre-finished flooring. Originally, I had thought of just using my plainer to take the finish off and to clean up the back. I have since...
  19. J

    Hardwood Flooring

    LOML wants to refinish the white oak flooring in the kitchen and add about 525 sf of bamboo flooring in place of living room carpet. We like blond bamboo solid planks in either vertical or horizontal grain. Can you folks recommend some reputable companies in the Raleigh/Durham area who have...
  20. ACobra289

    Few pics from recent flooring project.

    A while back the LOML and I decided to "redo" our outdated foyer. This project morphed into redoing all the upstairs flooring, doors and trim. I only have a couple of before pics. (I'm bad about not taking them before a project starts. lol) Flooring is prefinished maple from Bruce in "Sumatra"...

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